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Mimas may refer to:

  • Mimas (Giant), son of Gaia in Greek mythology, one of the Gigantes slain by Hephaestus
  • Mimas (Aeneid), a son of Amycus and Theona, who escorted Aeneas to Italy
  • Karaburun, a town and district in Turkey, formerly called Mimas in reference to the Giant
  • Mimas (moon), in astronomy, a moon of Saturn marked by a giant crater on its surface
  • Mimas (genus), a genus of Hawk moths, including the Lime Hawk-moth
  • Mimas (data centre), a UK national academic data centre at The University of Manchester
  • Mimas (band), a Denmark based Post-Rock band

Pronounced with a final /z/ sound, it may be:

  • Mima mounds, the unexplained geological formations found on the Mima Prairie, as well as other locations