Miss Universe 1990

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Miss Universe 1990
Date April 15, 1990
Presenters Dick Clark, Leeza Gibbons and Margaret Gardiner
Venue Shubert Theatre, Los Angeles, California, USA
Broadcaster CBS
Entrants 71
Placements 10
Debuts Soviet Union
Withdraws Belgium, Brazil, Curaçao, Haiti, Luxembourg, New Zealand, U.S. Virgin Islands
Returns Czechoslovakia
Winner Mona Grudt
Congeniality Christiane Stocker
Best National Costume Lizeth Mahecha
Photogenic Passaraporn Chaimongkol
Countries and territories which sent delegates and results.

Miss Universe 1990, the 39th Miss Universe pageant was held at Shubert Theatre, Los Angeles, USA on April 15, 1990. Mona Grudt of Norway was crowned as Miss Universe 1990 by Angela Visser of Holland. Seventy-one contestants competed in this year.

For the first time, the judges' individual scores were visible to the viewing audience, adding transparency to the pageant. Also in this year, a major format change that transformed the Miss Universe competition for the next decade was introduced, in which the delegates would face an extra round of elimination on finals night: the Top 6 judges' questions.

In the Parade of Nations, television viewers got to see each delegate in national costume, as well as her swimsuit, evening gown and interview preliminary scores for the first time. Host Dick Clark also called out each country individually, as compared to the 1980s where all the delegates introduced themselves in rapid succession. This format of Parade of Nations continued until 1997. The presentation of the delegates in continental order, introduced in 1989, also continued until 1997.

Also, instead of reducing the Top 10 to the usual Final 5, the judges picked a momentary Top 6. Those 6 finalists would answer questions and the field was reduced to a Final 3 who would face the traditional final question. This format was discontinued in 2001.



Final Results Contestant
Miss Universe 1990
1st runner-up
2nd runner-up
Top 6
Top 10

Semifinal scores[edit]

Special awards[edit]

Award Contestant
Best National Costume
Miss Congeniality
Miss Photogenic

Order of announcements[edit]


Preliminary scores[edit]

  • Note: The scores shown during the Parade of Nations were miscategorized later on in the telecast, creating confusion. The Top 3 Preliminary Interview Scores were labeled as Preliminary Swimsuit scores. Similarly, the Top 3 Swimsuit scores were miscategorized as Preliminary Evening Gown scores, a mistake that would not be repeated the following year.


Miss World[edit]

  • Miss World 1989: Czechoslovakia, Gibraltar, Ireland and Portugal
  • Miss World 1990: Aruba (semi-finalist), Belize, Egypt, France, Germany, Nigeria and Turkey (semi-finalist)

Miss International[edit]

Miss Chinese International[edit]

International Broadcasting[edit]

These are some of the networks outside the United States (telecasted on CBS) that showed the 1990 Miss Universe pageant live (or recorded earlier) in their respective countries and territories:

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