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Mohammad Toaha (Bengali: মোহাম্মদ তোয়াহা) is a language activist of the language movement and politician. He is considered as one of the main student leader during the movement.[1]

Mohammad Toaha was born in Kushakhali village of Laxmipur in Noakhali. He finished his matriculation under Calcutta University in 1939. Later he received his MA in political science in 1948.

Toaha was literally active during the initial part of the movement. He wrote most of the posters, article, leaflets from the start of the language movement. On March 11, 1948 when a team led by Toaha went to Secretariat to give Khawaja Nazimuddin a memorandum police arrested him. Later he was tortured by them and had to spend a week in the hospital for recovery. As one of the leader of the Rashtrabhasha Shangram Committee (State Language Committee of Action), Toaha was used to take part in all the meeting with the government. He was also the VP of the Fazlul Haque Hall of Dhaka University. When Mohammad Ali Jinnah came there, Toaha submitted a memorandum to him about their language demand. He was also vocal at the governments attempt to write Bengali in Arabic script. He was the correspondent of Jubo League at Shorbodolio Kendrio Rashtrabhasha Kormoporishod (All-party Central Language Committee of Action). Later part of 1952, he was arrested for attachments in student politics. He was released two years later and took part in the election that United Front won in 1954. There he was elected as a member of the Provincial Assembly.[2]


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Mohammad Toaha died on 29 November in 1987.