Montreal Lake, Saskatchewan

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Montreal Lake is located in Saskatchewan
Montreal Lake
Montreal Lake
Location of Montreal Lake in Saskatchewan

Montreal Lake is a First Nations reserve located on the southern shore of Montreal Lake 103 km (64 miles) north of Prince Albert and 167 km (104 miles) south of La Ronge. Highway 969 passes through the village.

Montreal Lake First Nation[edit]

The village is the administrative centre of the Montreal Lake First Nations band government. The Montreal Lake Cree Nation signed an adhesion to Treaty 6 in 1889.[1] and is a member of the Prince Albert Grand Council.

As of March 2013 the total membership of the Montreal Lake First Nation was 3,678 with 2,261 members living on-reserve or on crown land and 1417 living off reserve.[2] It is governed by a Chief and 8 councillors.[2] It has territory at Montreal Lake 106 (population 999),[3] Montreal Lake 106 B (population 389)[3] and Timber Bay (population 93).[2][3]



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