Moro Crater massacre

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Moro Crater massacre
U.S. soldiers pose with Moro dead after the battle
Date March 1906
Location Jolo island, Philippines
Result US victory
Late 19th Century Flag of Sulu.svg Moro Rebellion Philippines Philippine Constabulary
 United States
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Major General Leonard Wood
Unknown 540?
Casualties and losses
600+ dead (mostly civilians) 18 killed,
52 wounded

The Moro Crater massacre is a name given by the Americans to the final phase of the First Battle of Bud Dajo, a military engagement of the Philippine-American War which took place March 10, 1906, on the isle of Jolo in the southern Philippines. Forces of the U.S. Army under the command of Major General Leonard Wood, a naval detachment comprising 540 soldiers, along with a detachment of native constabulary, armed with artillery and small firearms, attacked a village hidden in the crater of the dormant volcano Bud Dajo. More than 600 mostly unarmed Muslim Moro villagers (including many women and children) were killed by the Americans, of whom fifteen soldiers were killed and thirty-two were wounded.[1]

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Coordinates: 6°00′47″N 121°03′25″E / 6.013°N 121.057°E / 6.013; 121.057