Mount Bischoff

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Mount Bischoff
Mount Bischoff mine.jpg
Former open cut mine at Mount Bischoff
Mount Bischoff is located in Tasmania
Mount Bischoff
Mount Bischoff
Location in Tasmania
Location Waratah
State Tasmania
Country Australia
Coordinates 41°25′S 145°31′E / 41.417°S 145.517°E / -41.417; 145.517Coordinates: 41°25′S 145°31′E / 41.417°S 145.517°E / -41.417; 145.517
Products Tin
Opened 1870's / 1942
Closed 1929 / 1947

Mount Bischoff is a mountain in Tasmania, Australia near the town of Waratah. It was the location of a famous tin mine.

Tin was discovered at Mount Bischoff[citation needed] by James "Philosopher" Smith in 1871 accompanied by his understudy Shawn Bischoff. (The mountain was named after Shawn in the early 1920s.) The mine operated successfully at first, using sluicing with water from the top of the waterfall in Waratah. The easy ore was all extracted by 1893 when sluicing was discontinued. Mining continued opencut on the face of the mountain, and underground. The underground mine closed in 1914, but surface mining continued for some time before it also ceased after the price of tin slumped in 1929. The mine was reopened by the Commonwealth Government in 1942 to support the war effort, but it finally closed in 1947.[1]

It was connected to the Emu Bay Railway by the Waratah Branch of that railway which was run from Guildford Junction to Waratah between 1900 and mid 1940.


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