Mr. Soul

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"Mr. Soul"
Song by Buffalo Springfield from the album Buffalo Springfield Again
Released November 18, 1967
Recorded January 9, 1967 and
April 4, 1967
Genre Hard rock,[1] psychedelic rock
Length 2:35
Label Atco
Writer Neil Young
Producer Richie Furay
Jack Nitzsche
Stephen Stills
Neil Young
Buffalo Springfield Again track listing
"Mr. Soul"
"A Child's Claim to Fame"

"Mr. Soul" is a song written by Canadian rock musician Neil Young, and first recorded by folk rock band Buffalo Springfield and released on their second album, Buffalo Springfield Again. It was originally recorded on January 9, 1967 at Atlantic Studios, New York with an additional recording on April 4, 1967.

Young wrote the song after being treated for a seizure disorder.[2] Composed on an acoustic twelve-string guitar, the dark, moody folk tune is in double-drop D tuning, which Young used in a number of other songs, such as "Ohio" and "Cinnamon Girl".[3]

The common album version and the mono single have completely different guitar solos (the mono single mix has never been reissued).

On track 3 of the album Sugar Mountain - Live At Canterbury House 1968, Young said, "A lot of songs take a long time to write. Generally they take an hour and a half, two hours to write. But this one took only five minutes."

Young subsequently recorded several other versions of the song, often with marked stylistic changes. Of all of Young's songs, "Mr. Soul" has been released the most times.

Remakes and other releases[edit]

A new recording of this song in a synth-electric style was included on Young's 1982 album Trans, with vocals processed with a vocoder.

In addition to these versions—the original album and Trans--"Mr. Soul" also appeared in an acoustic live version on Unplugged and Sugar Mountain - Live At Canterbury House 1968, and a live acoustic band version on Year of the Horse, as well as on the collections Retrospective, Journey Through the Past and Young's Decade.

The song was adapted by rock band Rush and featured on the 2004 covers album Feedback. The song is also regularly covered during live performances by jam-band Widespread Panic. The song was also covered by The Icicle Works as a B-side to the single "All the Daughters (Of Her Father's House)".

The song has also been covered by The Bluetones and features as a B-side to the mail order only single "4-Day Weekend" and the subsequent B-side compilation album A Rough Outline: The Singles & B-Sides 95 - 03.


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