Musakhel District, Pakistan

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Map of Musakhel district

Musakhel (Pashto: ضلع موسی خیل ) is a district in the northeast of Balochistan province of Pakistan.


District Musakhel is located in north eastern border of Balochistan and boardering to Khyber Phakhtoon Khawah and D.G.Khan Punjab. The total area of the District comprises on 7552 km2. The district is divided into Four Tehsils: Musakhel, Drug, Kingri and Toisar. The headquarters of the district is Musa Khel Bazar.


According to the United Nations, as of 1981, over 85% of households spoke Pashto and 7.8% speak Balochi.[1]


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Coordinates: 30°55′08″N 69°51′36″E / 30.919°N 69.86°E / 30.919; 69.86