Musakhel District, Pakistan

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Map of Musakhel district

Musakhel (Pashto: ضلع موسی خیل ) is a district in the northeast of Balochistan province of Pakistan.


District Musakhel is located in north-eastern border of Balochistan and boardering to Khyber Phakhtoon Khawah and D.G.Khan Punjab. The total area of the District comprises on 7552 km2. The district is divided into Four Tehsils: Musakhel, Drug, Kingri and Toisar. The headquarters of the district is Musa Khel Bazar.


According to the United Nations, in 1981 over 85% of households spoke Pashto and 7.8% spoke Balochi.[1]


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Coordinates: 30°55′08″N 69°51′36″E / 30.919°N 69.86°E / 30.919; 69.86