Zhob District

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Zhob District
Map of Balochistan with Zhob District highlighted
Map of Balochistan with Zhob District highlighted
Country Pakistan
Province Balochistan
Capital Zhob
 • District Nazim Moulvi Habib-ur-Rehman
 • District Naib Nazim Sarwar Khan
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of Tehsils 5

Zhob (Pashto: ژوب‎) is a district in the north west of Balochistan province of Pakistan. Zhob district is a Provincially Administered Tribal Area (PATA). Zhob district is subdivided into three subdistricts: Zhob, Kakkar and Sherani. The population of Zhob district is estimated to be over 200,000 in 2005. Zhob River is used for irrigation in the Zhob district.


There are currently four tehsils in Zhob District.[1] and Sherani New District


The vast majority of the population of Zhob district is Pashtun. It is likely that over 99% of the people of the area are Muslims, with tiny numbers of Christians and Sikhs. Currently the tribes living in Zhob are given by; Mandokhail, Sherani, Kakar, suleimankhail, Haiderzai Kakar, Harifal, Tajik, Lawon, Doutani and Safi the local tribes while other immigrants include and make a huge population consisting of Khosti, Khilji, Nasar, Kharottee, Gandapur, Khalsewal, and currently a large number of IDPs have been settled within the confines of the Distt. NB: pleased to draw the attention of the Webmaster towards Zhob Tehsil and new announced boundary. Ist. Zhob had not 5 tehsils, there were only 3 tehsils. 1. Tehsil Zhob 2. Tehsil Kakar 3. Tehsil sherani. while now Sherani Tehsil merged in Dist Sherani, as Distt Sherani was announce as new district 3 years ago.

The main political dignities of Zhob are Sayen Kamal Khan Sherani,Abdu Rahim Mandokhail, Maulana Muhhammad Khan Sherani,Maulana Asmath u lah,Malak Sheikh Mohammad Yar Khan,Jaffer Khan Mandokhail. REGARD:



Sain Kamal Khan Sherani and Abdul Rahim Khan Mandokail are two prominent enlightened Scholar, historains and writers. Both have worked on Afghan History and Pukhtoon politics. Late Sain has translated the famous book of Voltire "Candid" in Pashto. He has also translated Mixum Ghorki's book "Mother" in Pashto. Abdul Rahim Mandokhail has written a well referenced book on Afghan Political History " British Colonialist and Afghanistan" in Pashto, Angrezi Istimar ao Ao Afghanistan

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