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For the Zimbabwean football club, see Mwana Africa FC.

Mwana Africa is a mining company based in Johannesburg and London. According to its website, it is the first African-owned and African-managed business to be listed in the Resources sector of the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market. Mwana was founded in 2005.

Current affairs[edit]

The firm had a poor financial performance in 2013 with losses totalling $42.5 million, more than $35 million more than the previous year. This was due to a $43.7 million impairment charge for its Bindura Nickel Corporation operations in Zimbabwe.[1]

In October 2013, Mwana Africa appointed Yim Chiu Kwan as its finance director.[2]


Mwana Africa's products include gold, nickel, copper, zinc, cobalt and, more recently, diamonds and petroleum. Major mining operation interests as of 2007:

By country[edit]


Mwana Africa maintains a corporate office in South Africa; the company is progressively expanding its operations by acquiring extant mining companies.


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