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Naser Manzuri (Azeri: Nasir Mənzuri; Persian: ناصر منظوری) is an Iranian novelist and linguist, born in 1953 in Mianeh.

He writes his novels in the Azerbaijani language. He vastly concentrates on Azeri mythical thoughts in his themes and combines with reality. However, he writes his linguistic theoreticals in three languages (Azerbaijani, Persian and English).



  • Son Nağıl Son Efsane (The Last Tale, the Last Myth) 1990
  • Qaraçuxa (pronounced: Qarachookha, name of some mythical character, in fact, it is the personification of protection and luck for any one.) 1994
  • Avava (call for gathering, done by tapping the hand at the mouth on the last moony nights of summer Sonay) 2005

Scholarly work[edit]

In his linguistic researches he concentrates on deterministic concepts. His books are (written in three languages):

  • نظام چهار بعدی زبان (Four-dimensional System of Language) 2002
  • Deterministically Structuring Concepts 2003
  • Dil ve Ayın Düşünce (Language and Mythical Thought) 2007
  • آشوبی شدگی در شعر شهريار-1 (Oral Tablets-1) (Sheriyar’s [Azeri poet] Poetry going Chaotic -1) 2009
  • آشوبی شدگی در شعر شهريار -2 (Oral Tablets-2) (Sheriyar’s [Azeri poet] Poetry going Chaotic -2) 2009
  • زايش ادبيات (Oral Tablets-4) (Birth of Literature) 2011
  • مفهوم صدا (Oral Tablets-5) (Concepts with the Sounds) 2011
  • ساختار مفهومی فعل (Oral Tablets-6) (Conceptual Structuring of Verbs) 2012
  • نظام فراجمله ای در زبان ترکی (Oral Tablets-7) (Ultra-sentential System in Turkish Language) 2012


  • Scrutiny over Naser Manzuri's AVAVA Novel, Masters Thesis, (Nasır Menzuri’nin AVAVA ROMANI ÜZERİNE BİR İNCELEME), Sedef Ahenpençe, yüksek lisans tezi, CELAL BAYAR ÜNİ. SOSYAL BİLİMLER ENS. YENİ TÜRK EDEBİYATI ANABİLİM DALI, 2010
  • Azərbaycan (Official Journal of Azerbaijan Writers) (9), 2005
  • Alatoran "Azad Yazarlar Ocağı" (Journal of Free Writers) (12) & (13), 2008

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