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For the villages in Iran, see Nasir, Iran.

Nasir (Arabic: ناصرNāṣir) is a male Arabic given name which can mean "helper" or "one who gives victory" (grammatically the Stem I masculine singular active participle of consonantal verb root n-ṣ-r). The female form of the name is Nasira (ناصرة Nāṣira).

Naseer is a transcription of Arabic: نصـيـرNaṣīr, a related word of similar meaning also used as a name.

Given name[edit]



Fictional characters[edit]

  • Nasir, the supporting character in the 1980s TV series Robin of Sherwood (aired in the US as Robin Hood)
  • Nasir, the main character in the video game Lagoon
  • Nasir, character in the TV-Series Spartacus
  • Nasir Meidan, a fictional character in the Android: Netrunner

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