North Kayong Regency

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North Kayong
Kayong Utara
Country  Indonesia
Province West Kalimantan
Capital Sukadana
 • Regent Hildi Hamid
Population (2010)
 • Total 95,605
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

North Kayong Regency is a regency of West Kalimantan province in Indonesia. The principal town lies in Sukadana. The nearest airport is Ketapang Airport.

Dragon dance liong at Sukadana


North Kayong was created in 2007, following a federal government decision to split the Ketapang regency.


The main industries consists in the production of palm oil, rubber and wood.


The current political leadership has made commitments to provide free education and health care to all residents and primary and secondary school fees that are paid elsewhere in Indonesia have been waived. There are no institutes of higher education. The Regency is currently developing a polytechnic.


The local government provides free public health care through clinics throughout the province, including a ‘floating clinic’ based on a boat to serve the islands off the west coast of the regency. A privately run clinic is operated by the NGO ASRI in Sukadana town. The nearest hospitals are in the neighboring regency of Ketapang.


North Kayong has a minority population of Chinese with the majority being native. Most Chinese residents in North Kayong are of either Teochew or Hakka. The native Indonesians living there are mainly of Malay descent. In regards to speech, most citizens of North Kayong incorporate a type of Malay accent in their Indonesian, which is somewhat similar to that used in Malaysia.

Chinese lion dance at Chinese temple


The nearest airport is Rahadi Osman Ketapang. The airport has some connecting flights to Pontianak, Semarang via Pangkalan Bun, and Jakarta. Boats from Sukadana, Teluk Melano and Teluk Batang run daily to Pontianak.


Pulau Datok beach


The largest hotel is the Makhota Kayong in Sukadana.