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Novus Entertainment Inc.
Type Corporation
Industry telecommunications
Founded 1996
Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia
Key people Donna L. Robertson (Co-President, CLO) Doug Holman (Co-President, CFO)
Products cable television, high-speed internet, telephone
Owner(s) Concord Pacific
Website Novus Entertainment

Novus Entertainment (commonly known simply as Novus) is a Canadian telecommunications company providing television, digital phone, and high-speed Internet services via a fibre optic network. The company is licensed by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (the CRTC) as a Class 1 Broadcast Distribution Undertaking for both Metro Vancouver and Toronto. Novus presently provides services to apartments, condominiums, and businesses in Metro Vancouver. Novus is one of the few broadband Internet carriers in Canada to offer a Fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB) network.[1] The company continues to expand its service in Metro Vancouver.

Novus is also in the business of leasing dark fibre to other communications service providers and to businesses.


In July, 2011, Novus announced its 300 Mbit/s Internet service, claiming to be “Canada’s fastest Internet service” to go into effect July 2011. Due to its use of Metro Ethernet rather than DOCSIS or DSL technology, the carrier allows a direct RJ-45 connection into a wall jack, circumventing the use of a modem.


Novus offers analogue and digital (SD and HD) television services. The carrier continues to add standard and high definition channels to its lineup as they become available.

Novus’ cable community channel is branded as Novus TV or NVTV 4.


In April 2008, Novus launched its digital phone (VOIP) service through its fibre optic network.

Wireless Network[edit]

In 2008, Novus Wireless Inc., a related company to Novus Entertainment Inc., acquired advanced wireless spectrum licenses from the Industry Canada auction for wireless services.[2] The licenses are authorized for the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. The carrier has not yet revealed details on when it plans to deploy its services.

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