Nurses (band)

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Origin Portland, Oregon
Genres Indie rock
Experimental Rock
Psychedelic pop
Labels Sargent House
Dead Oceans
Members Aaron Chapman
John Bowers
James Mitchell

Nurses is a Portland, OregonPortland-based indie rock trio composed of Aaron Chapman (vocals, guitar, keyboard), John Bowers (backing vocals, keyboard), and James Mitchell (percussionist & visual artist). Their sound is often categorized as psychedelic pop, folk rock, and experimental. Nurses started as a quartet from Idaho. The original band was called The Fall Project with Bobby Bolton on drums and Brandon Hall on bass/vocals. Their sound was considered pop-punk/emo in their earlier shows before becoming more experimental. They later moved to Portland, Oregon and changed the name of the group. Portland is also where they met James Mitchell.[1] The trio joined Dead Oceans Records on May 21, 2009 and released their album via Dead Oceans on August 4, 2009 (August 24 in the UK).[2] Nurses album, Apple's Acre, has been described as a shaggy younger sibling of Animal Collective or Grizzly Bear with the sound of dreamy harmonies, carnival organs, slightly out-of-tune pianos and basic percussion from a lone snare or tambourine and received a 7.2 rating from Pitchfork.[3]

Nurses toured with the Swedish folk musician The Tallest Man on Earth in 2010.[4]



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