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Olympic Park Line
T7 Sydney.png
Mode Commuter rail loop
Owner Sydney Trains
Operator(s) Sydney Trains
Connects Olympic Park
Central (special events)
Blacktown (special events)
Length 5 km
Stations 2
Depot(s) Flemington
Line colour White/Grey
Key dates
1998 Line opened

The Olympic Park Line (numbered T7, coloured grey, also called the Olympic Park Sprint) is a railway line and an associated Sydney Trains service in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia that connects the Sydney Olympic Park precinct to the rest of the metropolitan train network. It has one station, Olympic Park, which is located on a balloon loop. The original purpose of the line to Olympic Park was to convey passengers to and from venues at Sydney Olympic Park and the Sydney CBD during the 2000 Summer Olympics. Today, the line continues to transport people to and from major events occurring within the Sydney Olympic Park precinct, but also carries workers and residents of Olympic Park to and from the rest of the Sydney Trains network.


Olympic Park station, with a train stopped at platforms 3 and 4.

The line was conceived in the early 1990s to serve the site of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. A balloon-loop style branch line was chosen over other options, such as a connecting line between Rhodes on the Northern Line and Flemington Junctions, where the chosen design joins the Western line.[1] The chosen route follows the former goods lines which branched from the Main West line between Flemington and Homebush, to the Abattoirs and Brickworks site at the Homebush Bay industrial precinct.[2][3][4] The line crosses over Parramatta Road and the M4 motorway using the former goods alignment. The first test train operated over the line on 24 November 1997, and the line's first major event was the Royal Easter Show in April 1998.[5]


The Olympic Park Sprint platform at Lidcombe; notice the crowd control fencing in the centre of the platform

Outside of special events, trains to Olympic Park depart from a special platform at Lidcombe (technically platform 0, but referred to as the 'Olympic Park Sprint Platform' rather than its number). Services operate with a frequency of one train every 10 minutes in each direction.[6] The trip between Lidcombe and Olympic Park takes about 5 minutes each way.

During major events at Sydney Olympic Park, train services run direct from the intercity platforms of Central, also sometimes stopping at Redfern and Strathfield. After larger events, west-bound trains from Olympic Park are also extended beyond Lidcombe to Blacktown via the Western Line, to Glenfield and Campbelltown via the South Line.


Name Code Railway line Serving Suburbs Pattern stops
at this station
Olympic Park Line
Lidcombe LDC Olympic Park Lidcombe Bullet-blue.png Western Line   Inner West Line
South Line
Bankstown Line
Blue Mountains Line*
*limited services only
Olympic Park OLP Olympic Park Sydney Olympic Park Bullet-blue.png

Special Events[edit]

In special events, there are two main stopping patterns that follows:

  • Stratfield, Redfern and Central
  • Lidcombe, Auburn, Clyde, Grandville and all stations to Blacktown


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