Orana Wildlife Park

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Orana Wildlife Park
Orana Park's Logo
Date opened 1976
Location Christchurch, New Zealand
Coordinates 43°28′03″S 172°27′45″E / 43.4675°S 172.4625°E / -43.4675; 172.4625Coordinates: 43°28′03″S 172°27′45″E / 43.4675°S 172.4625°E / -43.4675; 172.4625
Land area 50 ha
Number of animals 400+
Number of species 70+
Memberships ZAA[1]
Website www.oranawildlifepark.co.nz

Orana Wildlife Park is New Zealand's only open-range zoo, located on the outskirts of Christchurch.[2] It opened in 1976, and is owned and operated by the Orana Wildlife Trust, a registered charity.[citation needed]

In 2013 the park suffered a number of setbacks, including an ape escape, snowstorms and wind damage, and was forced to close its doors for 10 days.[3][4]

Feeding lions at Orana Wildlife Park.


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