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The Oretani were a pre-Roman ancient Iberian or Celtic people of the Iberian Peninsula (the Roman Hispania), in Extremadura, La Mancha, eastern Andalusia and Murcia. They are believed by some to have spoken an Iberian language, by others to have been Celtic, akin to the Celtiberians, as the northern Oretani were also called Germani.

Location map of the pre-Roman people of Oretani in Iberian Peninsula

The main archaeological sites are Oreto and Zuqueca and Cerro de las Cabezas.

Oretania, the territory of the Oretani, was located in the eastern Sierra Morena, which included most of Ciudad Real Province except its western end, the northern section of Jaén Province, the western half of Albacete Province and the southern rim of Cuenca Province. The main cities in the area are Linares, Úbeda/Baeza, La Carolina, Montiel, Valdepeñas and Almagro.

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