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Otley is a 1968 British comedy thriller film. Film critic Judith Crist described it as "a bright, breezy, light-handed but never lightheaded spies-and-counterspies story."[1]


Tom Courtenay plays Gerald Arthur Otley, a hapless light-fingered and womanizing antiques dealer who "suddenly finds himself caught up in a round of murder, espionage and quadruple crossing."[1] Otley is mistaken for a spy; a real spy (Romy Schneider) falls in love with him.

The action takes place in a houseboat colony on the Thames and the Playboy and health clubs and a golf course in London. One scene depicts an explosion in the Notting Hill Gate tube station; a driving test turns into a car chase involving a Vauxhall Viva and a Ford Zephyr (or Zodiac).

The film marked the directorial debut of Dick Clement.[1] It was adapted by Clement and Ian Le Frenais from a book by Martin Waddell, and made at Shepperton Studios.



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