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Parakala is a municipality in Warangal district in the state of Telangana in India. It is in the crossroads of major towns like Huzurabad on ones side and Bhupalpally on the other side.And also other side District city of Hanumakonda. A local stream named Chalivagu runs though it which is the source of supply for tapwater to the townsfolk.[1][2]

Coordinates: 18°12′N 79°43′E / 18.200°N 79.717°E / 18.200; 79.717


The economy of Parkal is purely based on commercial and retail consumer business. The town is known as a shopping center for the surrounding villages and towns and a majority of the trading community conduct business related to groceries, clothing, pharmaceuticals, iron and hardware.

Farmers from the surrounding villages sell their crops and vegetables in the Parkal market.


By Road[edit]

Parkal is well connected through road network. This is major division in Warangal district. And this is located at 175 km away from the Capital city Hyderabad. Telangana State Road Transport Corporation runs buses from Parkal to Warangal, Jammikunta Karimnagar,Guntur, Hyderabad, Thirupathi, Kaleshwaram, Godhavarikhani etc. Local transportation is autorikshaws.

By Rail[edit]

Nearest Railway Stations are Jammikunta, uppal, Kazipet and Warangal about 35 km.

By Air[edit]

Nearest airport is Rajeev Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad about 180 km

Amaraveerula Smaraka Sthoopam[edit]

It literally means Immortal heroes commemorating monument. It is a monument being dedicated to the people killed by Razakars when they rose against the atrocities of the Nizam empire. They were tied to a tree and shot down. We can see the statues of people being tied to the tree who were shot which was placed on a round dome like structure. In its yesteryears after the construction of the monument, People sometimes were frightened at night as they resembled lively persons being shot placed on the top of the dome. Surrounding this structure there is poorly maintained small garden and instead of fencing wall, we see statues of people revolting, occasionally small children too rising in the revolt.

Vegetable Market[edit]

People from surrounding villages come here to sell vegetables, and on Sundays it'll be bustling with vendors and people crowding the roads in front of market. There are several butcheries(chicken and mutton) nearby market for non-vegetarians.


People use the Junior College Ground for playing, jogging, exercises and all. But during College hours it is strictly not allowed. Though it is called Junior College Ground, it even has Government school and one Sarva shiksha Abhiyan centre. The markpoint for this ground is the town waterhead tank right in the entrance of the ground from main Road. In the morning it will be bustling with people jogging, walking and doing exercises and very little playing (except during holidays). In the evenings schoolchildren and collegestudents come in to play cricket and hockey. With a lone team practicing hockey, the main sport dominating is Cricket. We can occasionally see people playing Shuttle and other sports too. The Junior college ground is used for several other purposes too. It is here that voting takes place for all legislaative elections from Municipalities to Lok Sabha Elections and even counting takes place later and the results will be announced.


The main festival celebrated pompously is Dussehra(which generally comes in the month of October). It is a 9-day festival, in which first eight days are celebrated as Bathukamma festival while the last day is celebrated as Dussehra. Bathukamma is mainly a festival celebrated by women and girls among the townsfolk, It is a festival of flowers where people stack different types of flowers over which they place a small flower indicating Gowramma is placed and bring them to the local Kumkumeshwara temple. Here, Women place their bathukammas in the middle and dance around it singing songs mainly asking the goddess to bring sufficient rains and bring happiness to their families and all. Looking at the songs sung,(which maybe linked to farmers praying to the goddess for good rains and good harvest). Although all the 8 days are celebrated as Bathukamma, it is mostly on the 8th day that bulk of women come to celebrate it. On the 9th day it is celebrated as Dussehra. In the evening the local administration burn a huge model of Ravana, the demong king from Ramayana whom the Lord Rama killed. People gather in huge numbers to witness the whole event.


Schools in Parkal are taught in two Media, Telugu and English. While in the age old Aravinda and Navabharathi, students are taught in Telugu media, while in almost all the others students are taught in English media. 20 years back Telugu medium schools dominated the scene in Parkal, but now English medium schools crept up and are immensely competing to attracting students from Parkal and nearby villages with new ones coming out every year.

C.S.I. St. Thomas School, Sri Bapuji High School, Chaitanya Model High School, Chaitanya Modern school, Navabharathi high school, Aravinda High School, Shishumandir high school, Srivani high school, vidayala high school, Googles Concept school,Oxford grammar school,sharada vidayalayam, Krishnaveni talent high school, Govt School for Boys & Girls, Cambridge high school, SR digi school. Little Flower EM High School


SV Junior & Degree College, MR Reddy group of colleges, Ganapathi degree college, Sahathi Junior college, Govt.junior and Degree & Polytechnic college.sri Harsha jr. college

Cinema Theatres[edit]

Theatres are the main source of Entertainment. Mainly Telugu movies are played here, while occasionally English dubbed movies are also played. Due to the advent of piracy, the number of people visiting them has reduced considerably but with a slight increase in sections of people able to afford to pay for entertainment, it has somewhat made it up though it is affected nonetheless. Recently one of the theatres (Sridevi) is closed down and converted into a function Hall. The present theatres are:

Urvashi theatre, Nataraj theatre, Kakatiya theater, Jaya theatre.