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The Broad Bottom Ministry was a coalition administration of 1744–46 and 1746–54 in the Parliament of Great Britain.[1] It was led by the Pelham brothers, Henry Pelham as Prime Minister and the Duke of Newcastle as Secretary of State. Early in 1746 the king wished a change of Prime Minister, and Pelham lost power, but only briefly (see Short-lived Ministry). Returning to office he put in place a strengthened broad coalition. It persisted until his death in 1754.[2]

The Ministry[edit]

First Lord of the Treasury[3] Henry Pelham 1744–1754
Chancellor of the Exchequer[4]
Lord Chancellor[5] The Lord Hardwicke 1744–1754
Lord President of the Council[6] The Earl of Harrington 1744–1745
The Duke of Dorset 1745–1751
The Earl Granville 1751–1754
Lord Privy Seal[7] The Lord Gower 1744–1754
Secretary of State for the Southern Department[8] The Duke of Newcastle 1744–1748
The Duke of Bedford 1748–1751
The Earl of Holderness 1751–1754
Secretary of State for the Northern Department[8] The Earl of Harrington 1744–1746
The Earl of Chesterfield 1746–1748
The Duke of Newcastle 1748–1754
Master-General of the Ordnance[9] The Duke of Montagu 1744–1749
Vacant 1749–1754
First Lord of the Admiralty[10] The Duke of Bedford 1744–1748
The Earl of Sandwich 1748–1751
The Lord Anson 1751–1754
Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland[11] The Duke of Argyll 1744–1754
Secretary of State for Scotland[12] The Marquess of Tweeddale 1744–1746
Lord Chamberlain of the Household[13] The Duke of Grafton 1744–1754
Master of the Horse[14] The Duke of Richmond 1744–1750
Vacant 1750–1751
Marquess of Hartington 1751–1754


Preceded by
Carteret Ministry
British ministries
Succeeded by
First Newcastle Ministry