Prides Crossing, Beverly, Massachusetts

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This article is about the neighborhood. For the MBTA station, see Prides Crossing (MBTA station). For the play, see Pride's Crossing.
Prides Crossing Railway Station


Prides Crossing is a historic section located in the City of Beverly, Massachusetts. It is bordered to the north by Beverly Farms, and to the south by the Beverly Cove areas of Beverly. Although no formal boundaries have been determined, most locals consider it to exist between numbers 407 and 600 Hale Street.


The name is associated with John Pride who was granted land in the area in 1636. In the late 1800s and early 1900s grand mansions were built as summer "cottages' for wealthy business magnates. Henry Clay Frick,[1] who made his fortune in steel (Carnegie Steel) was among the best known of these summer residents. He built "Eagle Rock",[2] located between Hale Street and the Atlantic ocean. Edward Carelton Swift[3] , at one time the owner of the largest meat packing operation in the U.S. built a mansion, "Swiftmoor"[4] on Paine Avenue in Prides Crossing. Eleonora "Eleo" Sears a flamboyant female socialite and world class tennis player owned a residence that still exists where Paine Avenue and West Beach meet. These wealthy residents were known to travel to Prides Crossing in their own rail cars, disembarking at the Prides Crossing Railway Station, located on Hale Street across from the entrance gates to Paine Avenue.

Entrance to Paine Avenue

The train station still exists and has been the location of a general store, hardware store and now houses a candy manufacture. The current MBTA Commuter Rail station consists of a single low platform adjacent to the old building.

Notable former residents[edit]

  • Henry Clay Frick (Steel Magnate)
  • Alice Roosevelt Longworth (eldest daughter of former President Theodore Roosevelt)
  • Richard D. Sears[5] (U.S. Open Tennis Champion)
  • Edwin C. Swift (Swift Meat Packing)
  • Frederick Ayer[6](Textile Manufacturer)
  • William Henry Moore (One-time owner of the National Biscuit Company and Diamond Match)
  • Norman Prince, co-founder of the Lafayette Escadrille

Local points of interest[edit]

  • Prides Crossing Railway Station
  • Prides Crossing Post Office
  • Prides Beach

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