Province of Valencia

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Province of Valencia
Provincia de Valencia (Spanish)
Coat of arms of Province of Valencia
Coat of arms
Map of Spain with Province of Valencia highlighted
Map of Spain with Province of Valencia highlighted
Autonomous community Valencian
Capital Valencia
 • Total 10,763 km2 (4,156 sq mi)
Area rank Ranked
  2.13% of Spain
Population (2013)
 • Total 2,566,474[1]
 • Rank Ranked
  5.45% of Spain
Demonym valencians
Official language(s) Spanish and Valencian
Map of the province of Valencia and its main towns. The first crown of Valencia metropolitan area is drawn in dark brown.

Valencia (Spanish: [baˈlenθja]) or València (Valencian: [vaˈlensia]) is a province of Spain, in the central part of the Valencian Community.

It is bordered by the provinces of Alicante, Albacete, Cuenca, Teruel, Castellón, and the Mediterranean Sea. The northwestern side of the province is in the mountainous Sistema Ibérico area.

Part of its territory, the Rincón de Ademuz, is an exclave sandwiched between the provinces of Cuenca and Teruel.

Of the province's 2,566,474 people, one-third live in the capital, Valencia, which is also the capital of the autonomous community. Province includes the Valencia metropolitan area and additional municipalities. There are 265 municipalities in the province. See List of municipalities in Valencia.

The province is historically subdivided into comarques:


Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Population Figures referring to Municipal Register 1 January 2013 - Instituto Nacional de Estadística. (National Statistics Institute)

Coordinates: 39°20′N 0°50′W / 39.333°N 0.833°W / 39.333; -0.833