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Raymond Ceulemans in 2011
Raymond Ceulemans
Medal record
Competitor for  Belgium
Men's Three-cushion billiards
UMB World Three-cushion Championship
Gold Neuss 1963 Three-cushion
Gold Oostende 1964 Three-cushion
Gold Hilversum 1965 Three-cushion
Gold Buenos Aires 1966 Three-cushion
Gold Lima 1967 Three-cushion
Gold Düren 1968 Three-cushion
Gold Tokio 1969 Three-cushion
Gold Las Vegas 1970 Three-cushion
Gold Groningen 1971 Three-cushion
Gold Buenos Aires 1972 Three-cushion
Gold Cairo 1973 Three-cushion
Gold La Paz 1975 Three-cushion
Gold Ostend 1976 Three-cushion
Gold Tokio 1977 Three-cushion
Gold Las Vegas 1978 Three-cushion
Gold Lima 1979 Three-cushion
Gold Buenos Aires 1980 Three-cushion
Gold Aix-les-Bains 1983 Three-cushion
Gold Heeswijk-Dinther 1985 Three-cushion
Gold Tokio 1990 Three-cushion
Gold Luxembourg 2001 Three-cushion
Silver Antwerp 1974 Three-cushion
Silver Tokio 1991 Three-cushion
Silver Tokio 1992 Three-cushion
Bronze Krefeld 1984 Three-cushion
Bronze Las Vegas 1986 Three-cushion
Bronze Tokio 1988 Three-cushion
Bronze Tokio 1989 Three-cushion
CEB European Three-cushion Championship
Gold Kaatsheuvel 1962 Three-cushion
Gold Brussels 1963 Three-cushion
Gold Copenhagen 1964 Three-cushion
Gold Vienna 1965 Three-cushion
Gold Lisbon 1966 Three-cushion
Gold Angoulême 1967 Three-cushion
Gold Madrid 1968 Three-cushion
Gold The Hague 1969 Three-cushion
Gold Tournai 1970 Three-cushion
Gold Geel 1971 Three-cushion
Gold Dortmund 1972 Three-cushion
Gold Eeklo 1974 Three-cushion
Gold Rotterdam 1975 Three-cushion
Gold Valencia 1976 Three-cushion
Gold Lausanne 1977 Three-cushion
Gold Copenhagen 1978 Three-cushion
Gold Düren 1979 Three-cushion
Gold Helsingborg 1980 Three-cushion
Gold Vienna 1981 Three-cushion
Gold Porto 1982 Three-cushion
Gold Dunkirk 1983 Three-cushion
Gold Waalwijk 1987 Three-cushion
Gold Cairo 1992 Three-cushion
Silver Vejle 1988 Three-cushion
Bronze Triest 1961 Three-cushion
Bronze Amersfoort 1985 Three-cushion
Bronze Dordrecht 1991 Three-cushion

Ridder Raymond Ceulemans (born 12 July 1937 in Lier, Belgium) is a three-cushion billiards player and possibly the most dominant single figure in any one sport, having won 35 World Championship titles (23 in three-cushion + 12 in other carom disciplines), 48 European titles (23 in three-cushion) and 61 national titles. His nickname is "Mr 100".[1] He was inducted into the Billiard Congress of America's Hall of Fame in 2001, one of the very few non-Americans to receive the honour. In October 2003 King Albert II of Belgium honoured Raymond Ceulemans by awarding him a knighthood (Ridderschap) in recognition of his lifetime achievements.

Early life[edit]

Ceulemans at the 1986 1-cushion European Championship in Dülmen, Germany.

By the age of 7 Ceulemans was playing billiards on the table in his father's café. He also liked to play association football at the local club. Although he was a good midfielder (in 1958 he was discovered by the club K. Beerschot V.A.C. but a transfer was never made) he stopped playing football and began to concentrate on billiards.

Professional career[edit]

In 1961 at the age of 23 Ceulemans won his first Belgian three-cushion title. In 1962 he won his first CEB European Three-cushion Championship.

A year later he won his first world title at the UMB World Three-cushion Championship with averages of 1.159 and 1.307 points per inning. He went on to win the title 11 times in row. The winning streak came to end in 1974 when he lost to Nobuaki Kobayashi in finals. He was the first three-cushion player to reach levels of 1.500 and 2.000 average points per inning.[2]

Ceulemans won the first Three-Cushion World Cup in Paris, France in 1986, two more titles follow in 1987 and 1990. In 1998 he tied the world record held by Junichi Komori of Japan during professional match play by scoring 28 points in a single inning.[3] (The record was later broken.)

Ceulemans won the European three-cushion championship 23 times and defended it 19 times.

Ceulemans also won 24 World three-cushion championships (21 from the UMB and 3 from the BWA). Additionally he has prevailed in 16 title defenses.

At the age of 64 Ceulemans won his latest UMB world title in Luxembourg where he defeated Marco Zanetti.



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Inaugural champion
Three-Cushion World Cup
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Torbjörn Blomdahl
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Torbjörn Blomdahl
Three-Cushion World Cup