Red Hot!

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Red Hot!
Compilation album by Sammy Hagar
Released 1987 (Cassette)
1989 (Cd)
Recorded 1978 & 1980
Genre Hard rock
Length 51:35 (Cd)
Label Capitol
Producer Sammy Hagar & John Carter
Sammy Hagar chronology
Red Hot!
The Best of Sammy Hagar
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars link

Red Hot! is one of the many Sammy Hagar compilation albums from his Capitol Records era. This one compiling material from his two live albums released for the label, All Night Long and Live 1980. Tracks 1-6 were taken from All Night Long and tracks 7-11 were taken from Live 1980.

Song information[edit]

This compilation does nothing to correct the erred track break from Live 1980. Here though, the song "In The Night", which actually contained the main verse of two simultaneously played tracks, is omitted from this collection. What remains is the rest of "The Danger Zone", which is actually a Gary Pihl keyboard solo. The song "The Danger Zone" as it appears on the Danger Zone album is not actually represented on this, or any, live release.

Cd Track listing[edit]

  1. I've Done Everything for You (Sammy Hagar) - 3:25
  2. "Red" (John Carter, Sammy Hagar) - 4:57
  3. "Rock 'n' Roll Weekend" (Sammy Hagar) - 3:42
  4. "Make It Last/Reckless" (Sammy Hagar) - 6:40
  5. "Turn Up the Music" (John Carter, Sammy Hagar) - 5:47
  6. "Bad Motor Scooter" (Sammy Hagar) - 7:07
  7. "Love or Money" (Sammy Hagar) - 3:59
  8. "Plain Jane" (Sammy Hagar) - 2:27
  9. "20th Century Man" (Sammy Hagar, Gary Pihl) - 4:03
  10. "The Danger Zone" (Sammy Hagar) - 5:00
  11. "Space Station #5" (Sammy Hagar, Ronnie Montrose) - 4:28

Cassette Track listing[edit]

Side one
  1. "Red" (John Carter, Sammy Hagar) – 4:57
  2. "Bad Motor Scooter" (Sammy Hagar) – 7:07
  3. "Turn Up the Music" (John Carter, Sammy Hagar) – 5:47
Side two
  1. "Space Station #5" (Sammy Hagar, Ronnie Montrose) – 4:03
  2. "Rock 'n' Roll Weekend" (Sammy Hagar) – 3:42
  3. "20th Century Man" (Sammy Hagar, Gary Pihl) – 4:03
  4. "Plain Jane" (Sammy Hagar) – 2:27
  5. I've Done Everything for You (Sammy Hagar) – 3:25