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Respect Gundam (リスペクト ガンダム) is a mini compilation of Gundam-related work created by Hiroyuki Tamakoshi, Kenki Fujioka, Tohru Fujisawa, Hiro Mashima, Minoru Sugiyama. It was published on the Gundam Magazine bundled with the November 2006 issue of Comic Bom Bom.


  • White Impact
ten page comic by Hiroyuki Tamakoshi set in the battle of New York of the First Gundam series. His Gundam design is reminiscence of an Evangelion to symbolise the "White Devil" perveived by the Zeon forces.
  • Zeon Alive
one page art by Kenki Fujioka featuring a female pilot, a redesigned Zakurello with some Oggos.
  • Maki Levey Custom Zaku II
two page art by Tohru Fujisawa featuring original character Maki Levey and her custom Zaku II.
  • Hajimari ha Knight
two page art by Hiro Mashima featuring Knight Gundam characters.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Explosion
fifty page comic by Minoru Sugiyama retelling the events of the Solomon battle of the First Gundam.

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