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In science fiction stories involving time travel, an alternative future or alternate future is a possible future which never comes to pass, typically because someone travels back into the past and alters it so that the events of the alternative future cannot occur.

An alternative future differs from alternative history in that alternative history usually speculates on what might have happened in the past if some events in the past had occurred differently, while an alternative future usually speculates on what might happen in the future. Also, alternative histories commonly forgot time travel, while alternative futures do not.

An alternative future should not be confused with a possible future. Many science fiction stories are set in the future and treat it as if it were the only future within the context of the story; an alternative future story is specifically set in an alternative one, that is, one that, within the context of the story, does not come about to pass.

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There is also a community of so-called "mappers" on YouTube which make Alternate Future of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Some examples of these mapping videos would are or . These guys make their fictional nations, which they call "official nations". They also have a meeting point,called The Future of Europes Wikia. . Also, some examples for mapping channels are these: First the most popular mapper, MrOwnerandPwner. There are also other mappers like GoldenRebel25, MichiganMapper02, VoidViper, Batran99, Li Allan, The Blue Mapper, HappynHungry, ChemicalFun27, Thumboy, Mordedai Mapper, IonMapping, Ender Mapping, SunnyKhan688 etc.

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