Rogues' Regiment

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Rogues' Regiment
Original film poster
Directed by Robert Florey
Produced by Robert Buckner
Written by Robert Buckner
Robert Florey
Starring Dick Powell
Märta Torén
Vincent Price
Music by Daniele Amfitheatrof
Cinematography Maury Gertsman
Distributed by Universal-International
Release dates
28 Sep 1948 (U.S.)
Running time
86 min.
Country United States
Language English

Rogues' Regiment is a black-and-white 1948 Universal-International then topical exploitation film adventure starring Dick Powell and directed and co-written by Robert Florey. It is the first American feature film to be set in the First Indochina War.


An American Intelligence Agent and Nazi hunter is on the trail of a former SS war criminal reminiscent of Martin Bormann[1] believed to be hiding in the French Foreign Legion in Indochina.


Max Ophüls was hoping to direct the film but was passed over in favour of Robert Florey.[2]


Dick Powell ... Whit Corbett
Märta Torén ... Lili Maubert
Vincent Price ... Mark Van Ratten
Stephen McNally ... Carl Reicher
Edgar Barrier ... Colonel Mauclaire
Henry Rowland ... Erich Otto Heindorf
Carol Thurston ... Li-Ho-Kay
James Millican ... Cobb
Richard Loo ... Kao Pang
Philip Ahn ... Tran Duy Gian
Kenny Washington ... Sam Latch


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