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Rohit Gupta
Born Mumbai, India
Education Master of Business Administration
Alma mater Wingate University, North Carolina
Occupation Film director, film editor, film producer
Years active 2009–present

Rohit Gupta (pronounced [ˈroːɦɪt̪ ɡuːptə] is a film director, producer who resides in the United States. He is known for directing Life! Camera Action... & Another Day Another Life which received universal acclaim and success earning numerous awards & accolades in various categories from around the globe.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Film career[edit]

"In an era of digital and technology explosion, director Rohit Gupta has created a global mark within a short span of time."

quoted in The Times of India[7]

Born into a business family of Mumbai, Gupta earned his MBA degree from Wingate University in North Carolina. He later joined New York Film Academy for a four-week filmmaking program to explore his interest in behind-the-scenes world of movie making.[8] The initial film assignments he was working on for classes became inspiration for later works. NYFA offered Gupta scholarship to extend his stay in to the one year program. His first film Another Day Another Life a four minute suspense thriller flick was chosen as an official selection at the Short Film Corner - Cannes Film Festival in 2009.[8] It attracted enough attention to encourage Gupta to seriously attempt a career as a filmmaker. He dropped out of NYFA in four months to shoot his first feature, the inspiring family-drama movie Life! Camera Action... with a two-member crew in three languages English, Hindi, Punjabi as part of the story.[9]

Life! Camera Action... received wide acclaim and success earning numerous awards & nominations from around the world. This ninety minutes quasi-autobiographical film follows a young girl in pursuit of her dreams of becoming a filmmaker against all odds. The film made its way to the Limca Book of Records, India's equivalent of the Guinness World Records for setting two national records.[10][11][12]

In his interviews Gupta has said "Life! Camera Action... was mainly an experiment to first hand experience the creative and business process of feature filmmaking".[13][14][15] The film which was shot for around $4,000 with money raised from his savings was "cleaned up" with post-production work costing several thousand dollars before it's marketing & release. Gupta's journey and process of his work are widely considered a major source of inspiration to aspiring filmmakers, students of cinema, and youth at large the world over.[8][9][16][17]

Gupta is currently in post-production of his upcoming comedy feature titled Midnight Delight.

Honors & Appearances[edit]

In 2010, Gupta was invited to speak at the Sensoria, an annual week long film event held every year in Charlotte, North Carolina, where education connects with professionals creating cinematic magic in Hollywood.[18] At Sensoria George Cochran, the event founder & a former Directors Guild of America commercial film director and Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Film Office honored and felicitated Gupta as an industry leader and mentor for the students of the Central Piedmont Community College Arts and filmmaking department.[19] Gupta was again invited to speak at Sensoria in 2012 to share, as quoted by Sarah Perry, "how he made a five-minute film for $100 called Another Day Another Life that a little festival called Cannes chose as an official selection; and how his other film Life! Camera Action... has toured the world and won top awards at renowned festivals".[20][21]

In 2011, Gupta was invited as a special guest speaker at the launch of New York Film Academy first open house session in India. The event was held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai.[22]

In 2012, Gupta was invited as a honorary member on the Global Artistic Advisory Board of the World Music & Independent Film Festival based in Washington, D.C.[23]

In 2013, India's prestigious institute Symbiosis International University in Pune invited Gupta for a guest lecture on Management & Creative aspects of filmmaking. A SIMColloquium, where eminent speakers from the field of media and communication come to interact with students and enable them to understand how the industry works was organized for Gupta's interaction with the Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications (SIMC) students. The students at SIMC got an opportunity to do a case study on both of his award winning films.[24][25]

Gupta was chosen by Times Now as one of five global Indian short-listed from around the world for the prestigious NRI of the Year 2013 award for Distinctive Global Achievement in Arts & Entertainment.[26][27]


Year Film Director Producer Writer Editor Notes
2015 Midnight Delight
in post production
2012 Life! Camera Action...
Once Again (only consultant)
2011 Just Do It!
short film
2009 Another Day Another Life

Awards and nominations[edit]


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