Rosa Khutor Extreme Park

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Rosa Khutor Extreme Park
Location Sochi, Russia
Coordinates 43°39′27″N 40°19′11″E / 43.6573778°N 40.3196139°E / 43.6573778; 40.3196139Coordinates: 43°39′27″N 40°19′11″E / 43.6573778°N 40.3196139°E / 43.6573778; 40.3196139
Capacity 4,000 Freestyle Skiing Mode, 6,250 Snowboarding Mode[1]
Opened 2012[1]
2014 Winter Olympics (freestyle skiing and snowboarding)[1]

The Rosa Khutor Extreme Park (Russian: Роза Хутор) under license from The Extreme Sports Company and part of the Extreme Hotel, Sochi development, is a skiing venue located west of the Rosa Khutor plateau in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. For the 2014 Winter Olympics in neighboring Sochi, it will host the freestyle skiing and snowboarding events.[1]

Seating 4,000 the freestyle skiing area and 6,250 the snowboarding areas, it is was first used in September 2012.[1]