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Origin Shanghai, China
Genres Pop
Years active 2012 (2012)–present
Labels Ninestyle Model Agency
Ocean Butterflies Music
Associated acts AKB48
Members SNH48 Members

SNH48 (read "S.N.H. Forty-eight") is an all-female Chinese idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto. The group regularly performs at the SNH48 Star Dream Theater.[1] SNH48 also have their own blog in Sina Weibo.[2]


SNH48 is based in the city of Shanghai in China.[3] SNH48 is the seventh AKB48 sister group and the third overseas sister group, following JKT48 and TPE48. SNH48 follows the same concept of AKB48, that is "the idol that you can meet".[4] SNH48 is the first AKB48 sister group in China, even though AKB48 has a large fan base in China.

The 26 first generation members of SNH48 were announced on October 15. Joining those 26 members are AKB48's Sae Miyazawa and Mariya Suzuki, who are currently taking part in AKB48's overseas temporary transfer program.



  • April 21, AKS Co., Ltd. and Ninestyle jointly announced the establishment of SNH48.
  • August 24, AKB48 announced the transfer of Miyazawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya to SNH48 in the show "AKB48 in TOKYO DOME ~1830m no Yume~".
  • October 14, 26 first generation members are announced.
  • October 27, SNH48 theater in Shanghai began construction.
  • December 21, Two first gen members Hu Meiting and Yu Ting'er left the group.[5]


  • January 12, SNH48 debuted in the show "Give Me Power!", with 16 selected members on stage performing the Chinese version of "Heavy Rotation", "River" and "Ponytail to Shushu".[6]
  • January 13, SNH48's first handshake events are held in Shanghai and Taipei on the same day, with 6 members in Shanghai and 5 in Taipei.
  • March 31, SNH48 held another handshake in Mercedes-Benz Arena and announced their new song "Let's Become Cherry Blossom Trees" (Chinese: 化作櫻花樹, Pinyin: Huà Zuò Yīnghuā Shù), a Chinese version of the AKB48 song Sakura no Ki ni Narō.
  • April 17, 18 official members are chosen from the 1st gen members, and 6 more 1st gen members are chosen as Research students.
  • April 22, released MV "River".
  • April 30, participated in second major event "2013 Shanghai Strawberry Music Festival".[7]
  • May 2, 2 1st gen members, He Yichen and Wang Feisi, left the group.
  • May 25, held the show "Blooming for You" in Shanghai.[8]
  • June 6, released the MV of "Let's Become Cherry Blossom Trees".[9][10]
  • June 13, released first EP "Heavy Rotation" (Chinese: 無盡旋轉, Pinyin: Wújìn Xuánzhuǎn).[11] This EP consists of 3 songs translated from Japanese to Mandarin, including "Heavy Rotation" (Chinese: 無盡旋轉, Pinyin: Wújìn Xuánzhuǎn), "River" (Chinese: 激流之戰, Pinyin: Jīliú Zhī Zhàn) and "Let's Become Cherry Blossom Trees" (Chinese: 化作櫻花樹, Pinyin: Huà Zuò Yīnghuā Shù).
  • June 22, first oversea performance in the Singapore "Asia Style Collection" Show with AKB48.[12][13]
  • July 2, announced the filming of MV for their new song "Flying Get", which is a Chinese translated version of the original song by AKB48. The MV will be filmed in the Shanghai World Financial Center and fans are welcome to join the filming if they wear a "Flying Get" T-shirt of SNH48 on that day.[14]
  • July 29, released MV for a song "Ponytail and Scrunchie" (Chinese: 馬尾與髮圈, Pinyin: Mǎwěi yǔ fā quān) that will be included in their next EP.[15]
  • Aug 2, released 2nd EP "Flying Get" (Chinese: 飞翔入手, Pinyin: Fēixiáng rùshǒu).[16]
  • Aug 30, SNH48's theater is opened.[17]
  • Sep 5, SNH48 annnounced the result of their second audition, and 31 new members were added into the group.[18]
  • Oct 11, Mariya Suzuki and Sae Miyazawa made their theater debut after receiving working visa from the Chinese government.
  • Nov 2, second generation member began their first theater performance "SNH48 2nd gen. 1st stage 'Theater no Megami'".
  • Nov 11, members were divided into "Team SII" and "Team NII".
  • Nov 16, held a concert in Guangzhou with 10,000 audience.[19]
  • Nov 25, released 3rd EP "Fortune Cookie of Love" (Chinese: 爱的幸运曲奇, Pinyin: Ài de xìngyùn qū qí) in Shanghai, and in Beijing 3 days later.[20]
  • Dec 15, joined China's Got Talent (5th season)


  • Jan 18, held their first "Hongbai Gehui" (known as "Kouhaku Utagassen" in AKB48) in Shanghai[21] and began their third generation member audition.[22]
  • March 12, released 4th EP "Heart Electric" (Chinese: 心电感应, Pinyin: Xīndiàn gǎnyìng).[23]
  • Apr 1, announced that a "general election" will be held in May, which will decide the lineup of the group's next CD release through votes from fans. [24]


First Generation[edit]

Simplified (Jiǎntǐzì) Traditional (Fántǐzì) Pinyin Birthday Generation
吴哲晗 吳哲晗 Wu Zhehan (1995-08-26)August 26, 1995 1
顾香君 顧香君 Gu Xiangjun (1995-10-23)October 23, 1995 1
孔肖吟 孔肖吟 Kong Xiaoyin (1992-04-11)April 11, 1992 1
许佳琪 許佳琪 Xu Jiaqi (1995-08-13)August 13, 1995 1
徐晨辰 徐晨辰 Xu Chenchen (1990-06-22)June 22, 1990 1
戴萌 戴萌 Dai Meng (1993-02-08)February 8, 1993 1
汤敏 湯敏 Tang Min (1996-09-03)September 3, 1996 1
邱欣怡 邱欣怡 Qiu Xinyi (1997-01-11)January 11, 1997 1
陈观慧 陳觀慧 Chen Guanhui (1993-08-28)August 28, 1993 1
陈思 陳思 Chen Si (1991-09-14)September 14, 1991 1
钱蓓婷 錢蓓婷 Qian Beiting (1995-05-07)May 7, 1995 1
赵嘉敏 趙嘉敏 Zhao Jiamin (1998-07-22)July 22, 1998 1
张语格 張語格 Zhang Yuge (1996-05-11)May 11, 1996 1
董芷依 董芷依 Dong Zhiyi (1993-08-20)August 20, 1993 1
莫寒 莫寒 Mo Han (1992-01-07)January 7, 1992 1
李宇琪 李宇琪 Li Yuqi (1993-02-26)February 26, 1993 1

Overseas transfer (Team Kaigai)[edit]

Name Native name Country
of origin
Pinyin Birthday Generation
Sae Miyazawa 宮澤佐江 Japan SC:宮泽佐江
Gongze Zuojiang (1990-08-13)August 13, 1990 1
Mariya Suzuki 鈴木まりや Japan SC:铃木玛莉亚
Lingmu Maliya (1991-04-29)April 29, 1991 1

Former members[edit]

The following members have left the group.

Simplified (Jiǎntǐzì) Traditional (Fántǐzì) Pinyin Birthday Generation
胡美婷 胡美婷 Hu Meiting (1993-05-15)May 15, 1993 1
雨婷儿 雨婷兒 Yu Ting'er (2000-01-28)January 28, 2000 1
何轶琛 何軼琛 He Yichen (1990-01-07)January 7, 1990 1
王费澌 王費澌 Wang Feisi (1994-08-13)August 13, 1994 1
蒋羽熙 蔣羽熙 Jiang Yuxi (1999-02-18)February 18, 1999 1
陈丽 陳麗 Chen Li (1995-12-22)December 22, 1995 1
张馨方 張馨方 Zhang Xinfang (1988-10-25)October 25, 1988 1
曾誉嘉 曾譽嘉 Zeng Yujia (1994-03-21)March 21, 1994 1
俞慧文 俞慧文 Yu Huiwen (1990-07-05)July 5, 1990 1
丁紫妍 丁紫妍 Ding Ziyan (1995-10-06)October 6, 1995 1


  • 1st EP: "Heavy Rotation" (Chinese: 无尽旋转, Pinyin: Wújìn Xuánzhuǎn) - Released on June 13, 2013
  • 2nd EP: "Flying Get" (Chinese: 飞翔入手, Pinyin: Fēixiáng rùshǒu) - Released on August 2, 2013
  • 3rd EP: "Fortune Cookie of Love" (Chinese: 爱的幸运曲奇 , Pinyin: Ài de xìngyùn qū qí) - released on November 25, 2013 (Beijing) and November 29, 2013 (Shanghai)
  • 4th EP: "Heart Electric" (Chinese: 心电感应 , Pinyin: Xīndiàn gǎnyìng) - Released on 12 March 2014

Other AKB48 songs translated into Mandarin Chinese:

  • "16 sister" (16人姐妹歌 Shíliù Rén Jiěmèi Gē)
  • "Ponytail and Scrunchie" (马尾与发圈 Mǎwěi yú fàjuàn, translated from Ponytail to Shushu)
  • "Black and white gingham skirt" (黑白格子裙 Hēibái Gézi Qún, translated from Gingham Check)

Stage performances[edit]


  1. 1st generation 1st stage : AKB48 Team K's 4th stage Give me power! (Saishuu bell ga naru + 3 songs)
  2. 2nd generation 1st stage : AKB48 TeamB's 5th stage 剧场女神 (Jùchǎng nǚshén) (Theater no Megami)

Team SII[edit]

  1. 最后的钟声响起 (Zuìhòu de zhōng shēng xiǎngqǐ / Saishuu bell ga naru)
  2. 永恒之光 (Yǒnghéng zhī guāng / Lit. Nagai Hikari Renai Kinshi Jourei

Team NII[edit]

  1. 剧场女神 (Jùchǎng nǚshén / Theater no Megami)


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