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Samah Sabawi
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Samah Sabawi before a press conference in Sydney, Australia
Born 1967
Palestinian Territories
Education Monash University
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Samah Sabawi (Arabic: سماح السبعاوي‎; 1967) is a playwright, poet, political analyst and human rights advocate. She has written and produced the critically acclaimed plays Cries from the Land and Three Wishes [1][2][3] as well as having co-authored the book Journey to Peace in Palestine.[4]

Her past work experience includes holding the position of Executive Director and Media Spokesperson for the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations, where she participated in televised panel discussions and live news commentary on issues related to Israel/Palestine.[5][6] She participated in various public forums on peace building, women in conflict areas, the Palestinian right of return,[7] as well as various presentations for interfaith groups.[8]

Sabawi also served on the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Canadian Congress (PCC) and was an active member of the Canadian Friends of Sabeel (CFOS) and the Association of Palestinian Arab Canadians (APAC), which later joined the Canadian Arab Federation.[9]

She has also worked as a Subject Matter Expert for the Canadian Foreign Service Institute’s Center for Intercultural Learning where she facilitated various educational workshops and presentations on the culture, history, human rights record and present political climate in various countries in the Arab World. She also acted as Public Advocate for Australians for Palestine.[10]

Views on the Palestine-Israeli conflict[edit]

Sabawi's family was displaced as a result of Israel's occupation of the Gaza Strip in 1967.[11] Although she has lived and worked in many countries around the world she still has "strong ties to her place of birth - ties that have shaped [her] work and identity".[12] As a result of this she is fluent in both English and Arabic and has given speeches and interviews in both.

She has challenged the media's coverage of the Palestine-Israel conflict [13] and is an avid critic of both Hamas and Fatah [14] Sabawi has called for better representation of the Palestinian people [15] She has been a consistent participant of Israeli Apartheid Week [16] and a lifetime advocate for non-violent resistance.[17]


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