San Diego Derby Dolls

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San Diego Derby Dolls
League logo
Metro area San Diego, California
Country United States
Founded 2005
Teams The Wildfires (travel team)
Hard Corps (B team)
The Swarm (Home Banked)
Diego Rollers (Home Banked)
Track type(s) Banked, Flat
Venue Del Mar Fairgrounds
Affiliations RDCL

The San Diego Derby Dolls (SDDD) is a roller derby league based in San Diego, California. Founded in 2005, the league currently consists of three teams, two of which are travel teams which compete against teams other leagues. The third team competes against the home teams of sister league, the Los Angeles Derby Dolls (LADD).

The league was founded by Bonnie D.Stroir, who lived in San Diego, but had been skating with LADD for two years.[1] Around late 2006, the Dolls installed a banked track,[2] but also continue to compete on a flat track,[1] becoming the first "hybrid" league.[3]

By 2009, the Dolls had more than 80 skaters, and welcomed up to 1,000 fans to its bouts. They won the 2009 Battle on the Bank[1] national banked track roller derby championship, and held the title in 2010. In March 2011, they took on WFTDA Championship winners the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls on the Dolls' banked track,[4] losing 100-125 to the flat track league.[5]

San Diego was a founding member of the Roller Derby Coalition of Leagues in January 2012.[6]


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Preceded by
Los Angeles Derby Dolls
Battle on the Bank winners
Succeeded by
Team Legit