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Jump to: navigation, search (also known as The International Scene Organization) is a non-profit organization, providing the currently largest demoscene file repository. It was founded in 1996 by Jaakko "Mellow-D" Manninen, though originally it existed as, an FTP-server for releases from the group Five Musicians. In 1997, it re-opened as After the Hornet Archive closed on September 22, 1998, became the only prominent demoscene-FTP available and quickly became the host of many other releases as well.[1]

The servers are hosted in Rotterdam, at the local university. They measure 150-200 GB of traffic each day (as of May 2006) and host about 1.1 TB of demoscene-related data (as of June 2013).[2] The main server is mirrored onto various others, residing in different countries.[3] It is currently sponsored by, among others, Pixar.[4] Awards[edit] Award statue
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In 2003, established the Awards given annually to the creators of the best demos or intros that year. The winners (except for the Public's Choice category) are selected by a jury, consisting of acclaimed sceners from all around the globe. The awarding ceremony is traditionally held at the Breakpoint demo party.


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