Semiahmoo Shopping Centre

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Semiahmoo Shopping Centre
The logo for Semiahoo Shopping Centre
Location Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Opening date 1980
Management First Capital Realty
No. of stores and services 77
No. of anchor tenants 1[1]
Total retail floor area 253,200 square feet (23,520 m2) (figure includes the enclosed Centre and free-standing buildings)[1]
No. of floors 1
Parking 1200[1]
Semiahoo Shopping Centre, as seen from 152 Street

Semiahmoo Shopping Centre (/ˌsɛmiˈɑːm/ SEM-ee-AH-moh), named after nearby Semiahmoo Bay, is an indoor shopping mall in the Semiahmoo peninsula in Surrey, British Columbia. The anchor stores are Zellers and PriceSmart Foods.

Bosa Properties purchased the mall in 2002 and had major plans to expand and redevelop the property.[2] In March 2010, Semiahmoo Centre went through a much-needed upgrade to the inside of the mall. The exterior of the mall lost several tenants as the structures that housed their businesses were demolished to accommodate the exterior upgrade. Bosa's plans were largely put on hold and it sold the mall to First Capital, an investment company, in June 2010.[3]

In spring 2013, the mall featured one of only three remaining Zellers-branded department stores still operating in the country, with plans for the brand to continue as a crossover with The Bay.[4] In June 2014, First Capital announced that the Zellers store would close and be replaced by another, yet to be identified, retailer.[5]


Plans for residential and commercial redevelopment were put on hold amid concerns that nearby developments in Grandview and Morgan Crossing affected the commercial and residential viability of the town centre.[6]


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