Sleeping at Last

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Sleeping at Last
Origin Wheaton, Illinois, USA
Genres Baroque pop, Alternative rock, emo, indie rock
Years active 1999–present
Labels Interscope Records
Asteroid B-612 (Independent)
Members Ryan O'Neal
Past members Chad O'Neal
Dan Perdue

Sleeping at Last is an indie rock musical project of which singer and multi-instrumentalist Ryan O'Neal is the sole member.

The project initially began as a group in Wheaton, Illinois, with Ryan O'Neal as the lead singer and programmer, Chad O'Neal as the drummer, and Dan Perdue as the bassist. In late 2008, Chad left the group to pursue different interests;[1] Dan followed in 2011.

Sleeping at Last is also involved with the non-profit organization To Write Love on Her Arms.


Early Years: Capture and Ghosts (1999-2003)[edit]

Sleeping at Last was originally formed in 1999 in Wheaton, Illinois, and consisted of Ryan O'Neal, his brother Chad O'Neal (drummer), and Dan Perdue (bass guitarist). The group built a significant local following[2] and opened for bands such as Kill Hannah and Plain White T's, attracting the attention of Billy Corgan, who got them signed to Interscope Records in 2002.[3] Their major label debut, Ghosts, followed in 2003.

National touring ensued, first opening for Switchfoot, then for Billy Corgan's side project Zwan, Yellowcard, Something Corporate, The Format, and Bleu.[4] They received airplay on Fuse TV and their song "Tethered" was featured in the third season of Grey's Anatomy.[4] Their third full-length, Keep No Score, was released independently.[5]

Departure of Chad O'Neal and Storyboards, Yearbook (2008-2011)[edit]

On November 29, 2008, it was announced that drummer Chad O'Neal would be moving on to pursue other interests.[1] In 2009, the band independently released their Storyboards album, which featured a guest orchestral arrangement by the legendary Van Dyke Parks. On July 15, 2010 the band announced via their website that starting on October 1, 2010 until September 1, 2011 they would be releasing three songs on the first day of each month for one year,[6] a project they named Yearbook. The songs were released on their website in twelve separate EPs named after the month in which they were released (e.g. January, February, etc.). As of December 8, 2011, all 12 EP's became available in one Yearbook box set for $45.00. On May 22, 2011 it was announced that bassist and keys player Dan Perdue would be stepping down to pursue other interests. The band will still continue as Sleeping at Last with Ryan O'Neal being the only permanent member.[7]

Yearbook songs "Homesick" and "Watermark" were featured in the ABC television show, Private Practice in Season 3 (2010), followed by "Yearbook" songs "Emphasis" and "Wires" being featured on Private Practice in Season 4 (2011). "Tethered" (also on "Yearbook") was featured in season 8 (2012) of the ABC television show Grey's Anatomy. "From the Ground Up" from Yearbook: December was featured in the season 7 finale of Bones.

On September 26, 2011 it was announced that a new Sleeping at Last song will be featured in the film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, with a song called "Turning Page", written exclusively for the film. "Turning Page" and "Turning Page (Instrumental)" will appear exclusively on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, released on November 8, 2011.

On June 6, 2012, Sleeping At Last released an 8-bit remix EP entitled "8-Bits".[8] The EP is composed of one song from each of the last three Sleeping At Last studio albums and one song from the Yearbook project. The songs were remixed by Michael Carroll and Steven Padin from The Reign of Kindo. The EP was released for free on Noisetrade.

Atlas project (2013-present)[edit]

O'Neal teased his latest project on his blog in late 2011, showing an image with the date "12.12.12" on it.[9] Two days before the 12th of December that year, O'Neal revealed the details of Atlas, what he described as "an ongoing series of [EP]s".[10] In the blog post, O'Neal said that the artwork would "play a very special role in [the] project" and that he had turned to Geoff Benzing to "paint one painting for each of the 28+ songs".[9]

In December, 2013, the song "In the Embers" from the album Atlas: Light, was used by TCM television network (Turner Classic Movies) as the soundtrack for the 2013 version of "TCM Remembers," their annual tribute to those who died during the year. The lyrics of the song begin,"We live and we die, like fireworks our legacies hide in the embers."

On January 29, 2014 the song "Sun" from the EP Atlas: Space 1 was used in the trailer for the upcoming book-based movie The Fault In Our Stars.[11]

On July 8, 2014, Sleeping at Last released Atlas: Year One, a compilation of the previous year's six extended plays.



Date Title Label
2000 Capture Independent
2003 Ghosts Interscope Records
2006 Keep No Score Independent
2009 Storyboards Independent


Date Title Label
2011 Yearbook Independent
2013 Christmas Collection 2013 Independent
2014 Atlas: Year One Independent
2014 Christmas Collection 2014 Independent

Extended Plays[edit]

Date Title Label
1999 There's a Quiet Understanding Independent
2005 Ghosts of Christmas Past Independent
2009 Christmas Collection 2009 Independent
2010 October Independent
2010 November Independent
2010 December Independent
2011 January Independent
2011 February Independent
2011 March Independent
2011 April Independent
2011 May Independent
2011 June Independent
2011 July Independent
2011 August Independent
2011 September Independent
2012 8-Bits Independent
2013 Atlas: Darkness Independent
2013 Atlas: Light Independent
2013 Atlas: Space 1 Independent
2013 Atlas: Space 2 Independent
2014 Atlas: Land Independent
2014 Atlas: Oceans Independent
2014 Covers, Vol. 1 Independent




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