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SmartBike DC rental station located in downtown Washington, D.C. near Metro Center station.

SmartBike DC was a bicycle sharing system implemented in August 2008 with 120 bicycles and 10 automated rental locations in the central business district of Washington, D.C. The network was the first of its kind in North America,[1] but was replaced by the much larger, publicly funded Capital Bikeshare system in the fall of 2010. SmartBike DC officially ceased operations in January 2011.[2]

The program was a public-private partnership between the District of Columbia Department of Transportation and the advertising firm Clear Channel Outdoor, which operates similar automated bike rental systems in France, Norway, Sweden and Spain.[1] Annual operating costs of the system were funded by a combination of advertising revenues and user subscription and/or rental fees. The program came under heavy criticism for its low rider usage and limited number of bike stations.[3]

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