Smooth toadfish

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Smooth toadfish
Smooth Toadfish-Tetractenos glaber.JPG
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Tetraodontiformes
Family: Tetraodontidae
Genus: Tetractenos
Species: T. glaber
Binomial name
Tetractenos glaber
(Fréminville, 1813)
Smooth Toadfish.png
Distribution of the smooth toadfish[citation needed]

The smooth toadfish or smooth toado[1] (Tetractenos glaber, formerly classified as Tetrodon glaber[2][3] or Torquigener glaber[4]) is a species of fish in the Tetraodontidae family of order Tetraodontiformes, found along Australia's eastern and southeast coast, from northern Queensland to South Australia and Tasmania.[1] It is one of the most abundant fishes in the muddy areas of Port Philip Bay.[5]

The diet of the smooth toadfish includes molluscs and small crabs, and it often follows the tide into estuaries in search of food.[6] The fish has a maximum length of 15 cm.[7] As with other fish of this family, the flesh is poisonous,[6] due to tetrodotoxin, and eating the fish can have fatal consequences.[8]

Because it is a common estuarine fish, it has been used in studies of heavy metal contamination in coastal waters.[9]

Along with related toadfish species, the smooth toadfish is known in Australia as a "toadie."[6]

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