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Sri Rama Rural School was established in a rural hamlet, Chilumuru by Sri Late Kolasani Venkata Subaiah Chowdary in 1949. His vision was to shed the lights of Education in this rural part of Guntur District. Though there was no proper transportation to Chilumuru, his will power and dream to provide education in the rural parts was strong enough in making SriRama a success. In 1961, Sri Late Kolasani Madhusudhan Rao took over the responsibility from his father and was at the helm until 2004. Sri Late Madhusudhan Rao was a simple man yet charismatic. Under him, SriRama reached new heights of glory and became popular all over the state. SriRama has become famous for turning the rustic and mischievous students into performers of excellence. The very fact that thousands of SriRama students have settled down in very good positions in India and abroad, proves the efficacy of SriRama. SriRama is now under the leadership of Sri Kolasani Tulasi Vishnu Prasad, Sri Kolasani Ramana and Sri Kolasani Rajsekhar, the successors of Sri Late Madhusudhan Rao. Under the guidance of these highly educated and dynamic leaders, the school has ever been achieving more successes. Their innovative ideas, the willingness in implementing them and the strong determination has helped SriRama in becoming the Longest Surviving Rural Educational Institution. Though situated in a rural area, SriRama is equipped with modern technologies.

The school is situated in 7 acres and surrounded by 30 acres of fields, students enjoy the serene rural atmosphere.

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