Swedish prohibition referendum, 1922

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"Crayfish require these drinks — Vote no"; A famous poster by Albert Engström, encouraging voters to vote against prohibition (right)
"Payday evening — vote yes!"; A poster of a drunk husband in front of his weeping wife and children, encouraging voters to vote for prohibition (left)

A non-binding referendum on prohibition of alcohol was held in Sweden on 27 August 1922.[1] The proposal failed, with 51% voting against the change on a turnout of 55.1%.[1] Voting patterns were sharply divided between men and women, with 63% of women voting for the proposal and 63% of men voting against.


There was plenty of campaigning from both sides, the best remembered poster being one designed by artist Albert Engström, with the famous quote Kräftor kräva dessa drycker ("crayfish require these drinks").


Choice Votes %
For 889,132 49.0
Against 925,097 51.0
Invalid/blank votes 6,223
Total 1,820,452 100
Registered voters/turnout 3,302,483 55.1
Source: Nationalencyklopedin[2]

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