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Tantric castle promo.jpg
Tantric, (from left to right) Scott Wilson, Hugo Ferreria, TJ Taylor, Derek Isaacs
Background information
Origin Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Genres Post-grunge, hard rock
Years active 1999–present
Labels Maverick Records (1999–2006)
Silent Majority Group (2007–2009)
Pavement (2013-present)
Associated acts Days of the New, Hurtsmile, Austin Winkler, Shooter Jennings, Kid Rock
Website www.tantricrockband.com
Members Hugo Ferreira
TJ Taylor
Derek Isaacs
Scott Wilson
Past members Todd Whitener
Jesse Vest
Joey Stamper
Kevin McCreery
Matt Taul
Bruce LaFrance
Kevin Miller
Kevin Figueiredo
Joe Pessia
Erik Leonhardt
Marcus Ratzenboeck
Richie Monica

Tantric is a rock band from Louisville, Kentucky. The group has released five studio albums since 2001; although, their last three albums only retain Tantric's original singer, Hugo Ferreira. Having previously recorded albums for Maverick Records, including their platinum selling debut, they are currently under Pavement Entertainment.


In November 1998, after months of canceled concerts and internal band conflict, Days of the New frontman Travis Meeks moved on to work with a new band under the same name. His bandmates, guitarist Todd Whitener, bassist Jesse Vest, and drummer Matt Taul, would move on to work with Hugo Ferreira. In early 1999, they spoke with Massachusetts native Hugo Ferreira about starting a new project. The former Days of the New bandmates had previously met Ferreira, formerly of Merge, during a tour and admired his distinct baritone voice. By March that year, the four had their first practice together upon Ferreira's move to Nashville. They began under the name C-14, a short name for radiocarbon but soon renamed the band to Tantric. With the help of friends in Louisville radio, the band quickly gained local exposure.[1]


By late 2000, Tantric's demo caught the attention of Maverick Records who signed them that same year. The band quickly began recording their self–titled debut with producer Toby Wright in Nashville. Released in February 2001, Tantric debuted at No. 193 on the Billboard 200 and eventually went platinum, largely on the strength of the single "Breakdown" as well as extensive touring with the likes of Kid Rock and Creed. Follow–up singles "Astounded" and a remixed version of "Mourning" also fared well.

Tantric continued touring in 2002 before starting the recording of their sophomore effort in April that year. In June, Tantric contributed the song "Cross the Line" to the NASCAR: Crank It Up compilation album.[2]

After We Go[edit]

After a frustrating recording session and pressure from the label, Tantric's second album, After We Go, again produced by Wright, was released in February 2004, preceded by the single "Hey Now." Described as heavier than their first record, After We Go debuted at No. 56 on the Billboard 200. Unfortunately, the album did not match the success of their debut, in part due to the poor reception of follow–up singles, the title track "After We Go" and their cover of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain." Nevertheless, Tantric soldiered on, touring with 3 Doors Down and Shinedown for much of 2004.

Tantric III[edit]

In 2005, bassist Jesse Vest left the group, wishing to spend more time with his family. He was replaced by Bruce LaFrance through mutual friend and touring band member Kevin McCreery. With Elliott Blakey in the producer's chair, Tantric worked on the follow-up to After We Go, tentatively titled Tantric III, and scheduled for a May 2006 release. The band finished over a dozen songs for the album such as "People," "Worth Waiting For," "Stay With You," "Locked Out," and Whitener's lead singing performance, "July." Complications arose in March 2006, when Tantric parted ways with Maverick Records, which itself was collapsing.

In 2007, Matt Taul was arrested on drug-related charges, which would further complicate the band's obtaining a new label. Finally, on May 8, 2007, the release of three songs from Tantric III on the band's MySpace was largely overshadowed by Todd Whitener's farewell announcement on the band's website, which cited a feeling of stagnation that caused him to grow tired of the band's struggle to succeed. Ferreira later said in interviews that Whitener, as well as other members of the band had grown frustrated with the band's record label complications. Taul was sent to prison in later months, but has since been released. Bruce LaFrance was working with Whitener on a side project, Interchange and Ferreira's State Of The Art project which eventually became the new Tantric. LaFrance opted out of State Of The Art staying on with Whitener.

The End Begins[edit]

Disappointed but headstrong, Hugo Ferreira began searching for new bandmates. He enlisted former Fuel drummer Kevin Miller and, through mutual friend Nuno Bettencourt, Dramagods bassist/ShredKing Joe Pessia. Erik Leonhardt would become bassist and Marcus Ratzenboeck rounded out the new Tantric lineup with the electric violin. Shortly thereafter, the band announced their deal with the independent label Silent Majority Group and their new management company JHMP.

Because Ferreira remained the only original member, Tantric III had been shelved. Ferreira has said the reasoning for this, other than the logical label complications, was he did not want to produce an album under the Tantric name that was partially written by Whitener and Taul.[3] With the indefinite shelving of "T3," Ferreira and his new mates recorded 10 new songs, in addition to a totally revamped version of "The One," featuring Kevin Martin of Candlebox, and finally released Tantric's third album, The End Begins, on April 22, 2008. Its lead single, "Down and Out," gained radio success and strongly exhibited the band's new violinist.

Mind Control[edit]

After touring in support of The End Begins, drummer Kevin Miller departed and was replaced by Richie Monica. On March 9, 2009, Tantric announced the recording of their fourth album. Mind Control was released on August 4, 2009 and marked the dismissal of producer Toby Wright in favor of former touring Creed bassist Brett Hestla.

37 Channels[edit]

On August 8, 2013 it was officially announced via Pavement Entertainment that Tantric would be releasing their fifth album studio album on September 17, 2013. Hugo Ferreira remained the only sole member on Tantric at the time of the albums recording and release. Hugo recruited Austin Winkler, Shooter Jennings, Leif Garrett and David '2B' Mouser for guest vocals on the album, Kenny Olsen (Kid Rock) and Kevin McCreery was brought it to do the lead guitar on the album, Scott Bartlett, Hugo Ferreira himself and Johnny K. was in charge for secondary guitar on the album, Kevin McCreery was in charge for the rhythm guitar on the album, Gary Morse was in charge for the pedal steel guitar on the album. Greg Upchurch and Emanuel Cole was in charge for drums on the album, John Abel and Hugo Ferreira himself was in charge of bass on the album and Hugo played the piano on the album himself as well. The album faced fairly well reviews debuting at its peak position at #24 on the US Hard Rock albums charts. Soon after the release of the album in the fall of 2013 Hugo recruited drummer TJ Taylor, bassist Scott Wilson and guitarist Derek Isaacs and went on to tour in support of 37 Channels. Since then they have became official members of the band and plan on recording an album with Hugo Ferreira.

On June 8, 2014 the band played a headlining sold out concert to 1,300 people at Amos Southend in Charlotte, North Carolina on a stop on the 37 Channels Tour. The opening acts for the show was Lorenzo and local bands; A Course Of Action, Beyond the Fade, O.I.L. (Only I Live) and Something Clever.

Blue Room Archives[edit]

On August 1, 2014 the band announced on their official Facebook page that they would be releasing a new album called Blue Room Archives on September 30, 2014. The album will contain seven previously unreleased songs that was spanned throughout the band's career and newly recorded acoustic versions of their two biggest hits "Breakdown" and "Mourning" along with two new remixes of their previously released songs "Mind Control" and "Fall To The Ground" totaling 11 tracks altogether. The album will be released via Pavement Entertainment. To help promote the album the band is offering pre-orders that are signed by front man Hugo Ferreira for $20.00USD. The offer will end on September 1, 2014. The link to the pre-order page is: https://www.facebook.com/Tantric?app_data%5Baction%5D=show&app_data%5Bcontroller%5D=shop%2Fdeals&app_data%5Bdeal_app_id%5D=2257&app_data%5Bdeal_id%5D=953&app_data%5Bredirect%5D=true&ref=ts&sk=app_553978681346626

Musical style[edit]

Tantric is often categorized as post-grunge and is known for its emphasis on acoustic guitar, distorted electric guitar, and multi-layered vocal harmonies. However, due to their heaviness, the band also fit in well during the early 2000s peak of alternative and nu metal. In their early career, Tantric was frequently compared to Days of the New, from which its original guitarist, bassist, and drummer derived. However, the group also gained strong comparison - and in some cases, criticism - to grunge forerunners Alice in Chains. This is by no means coincidence; famed record producer Toby Wright, who handled Tantric's first three albums, also produced two Alice in Chains albums as well as the solo debut of their principal songwriter, Jerry Cantrell. Wright is known for emphasizing multi-tracked vocal harmonies and other characteristics demonstrated in both bands.

However, since the departure of all but Tantric's vocalist from the original lineup, as well as the inclusion of electric violinist Marcus Ratzenboeck, the band's musical approach has evolved. Songs predating Ratzenboeck's inclusion in Tantric have since been performed live with violin, and the altered backing band has provided a shift in musical direction.



Studio albums[edit]

List of studio albums, with selected chart positions and certifications
Title Album details Peak chart positions Certifications


Hard Rock

Tantric 71
After We Go
  • Released: February 24, 2004 (US)[10]
  • Label: Maverick
  • Formats: CD, LP, digital download
The End Begins 91 15
Mind Control
  • Released: August 4, 2009 (US)[12]
  • Label: Silent Majority
  • Formats: CD, digital download
101 15 38
37 Channels
  • Released: September 17, 2013 (US)[13]
  • Label: Pavement
  • Formats: CD, digital download
Blue Room Archives
  • Released: September 30, 2014 (US)
  • Label: Pavement
  • Format: CD, digital download
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.


List of singles, with selected chart positions, showing year released and album name
Title Year Peak chart positions Album


Heri. Rock

Main. Rock

"Breakdown" 2000 6 4 1 Tantric
"Astounded" 2001 30 7
"Mourning" 22 18
"Hey Now" 2004 8 After We Go
"The Chain" 36
"After We Go" 30
"Down and Out" 2008 34 8 The End Begins
"The One"[18]
"Fall Down" 34
"Mind Control" 2009 30 22 Mind Control
"Coming Undone" 31
"Mosquita" 2013 15 37 Channels
"You Got What You Wanted" 2014 23
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.

Music Videos[edit]

List of music videos, showing year released and director
Title Year Director(s)
"Astounded" 2001 Unknown
"Mourning" Unknown
"Hey Now" 2004 Unknown
"Down & Out" 2008 Unknown
"Mind Control" 2009 Unknown
"Mosquita" 2013 Unknown

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  1. ^ TJ Taylor, Drummer for Tantric