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Not to be confused with Telipinu.

Telipinu was the Hittite god of farming. He was a son of the weather and fertility god according to their mythology.

The Telepinu Myth is an ancient Hittite myth about Telepinu whose disappearances causes all fertility to fail, both plant and animal. In order to stop the havoc and devastation, the gods seek Telepinu but fail to find him. Hannahannah, the mother goddess, sent a bee to find him; when the bee did, stinging Telipinu and smearing wax on him, the god grew angry and began to wreak destruction on the world.

Finally, Kamrusepa, goddess of magic, calmed Telepinu by giving his anger to the Doorkeeper of the Underworld.

In other references it is a mortal priest who prays for all of Telepinu's anger to be sent to bronze containers in the underworld, from which nothing escapes.[1]

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