Teteriv River

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Teteriv, Тетерiв
Teteriv River by Zhytomyr ca 1905.
Origin Zhytomyr Oblast, Ukraine
Mouth Kiev Reservoir, Dnieper River
Basin countries Ukraine
Length 365 km
Basin area 15,100 km²

The Teteriv River (Ukrainian: Тетерiв) is a right tributary of the Dnieper River in Ukraine. It has a length of 365 km and a drainage basin of 15,100 km².

In the underflow the valley of the Teteriv in Polissia on up to 4 km, the width of the river widens up to 40-90 meter, before it flows into the Dnieper.

The Teteriv is replenished predominantly by snow and rain. It usually freezes over from December to March.

The important tributaries of the river are: Hnylop'yat, Huyva, Zdvyzh and Irsha.

Large cities located on the river are: Zhytomyr, the administrative center of the Zhytomyr Oblast, Korostyshiv, and Radomyshl.

Coordinates: 51°01′57″N 30°17′03″E / 51.03250°N 30.28417°E / 51.03250; 30.28417