The Tongues of Men

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The Tongues of Men
The Tongues of Men - 1916 - newspaper - scene.jpg
Scene from the film.
Directed by Frank Lloyd
Produced by Oliver Morosco
Written by Edward Childs Carpenter(play)
Starring Constance Collier
Cinematography Fred Dobson
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates
January 6, 1916
Running time
5 reels
Country United States
Language Silent

The Tongues of Men is a 1916 silent film drama produced by the Oliver Morosco Company and distributed by Paramount Pictures. Frank Lloyd directed and English stage actress Constance Collier stars in her debut film. The story is based on a 1913 Broadway play, The Tongues of Men, by Edward Childs Carpenter and starring Henrietta Crosman.[1][2]


The Library of Congress Silent Film Survival database shows no holdings for the film, however their 1978 printed Catalog of Holdings lists the film as being preserved in the collection in an incomplete print.[3] [4]



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