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Theatre Academy building

The Theatre Academy (Finnish: Teatterikorkeakoulu, Swedish: Teaterhögskolan) is a specialized university located in Helsinki, Finland. It provides education in performing arts, including acting (in Finnish and in Swedish), directing, dramaturgy and script writing, dance, choreography, lighting design and sound design. The Theater Academy educates artists in two languages: Finnish and Swedish.

Departments and Degree Programmes[edit]

There are five departments in the Theatre Academy:

  • Department of Theatre and Drama: Acting in Finnish (BA/MA), Directing (BA/MA), Dramaturgy (BA/MA), Live Art and Performance Studies (MA)
  • Department of Dance: Dance (BA), Dance (MA), Choreography (MA)
  • Department of Acting in Swedish: Acting in Swedish (BA/MA), Nordic Masterprogramme (MA)
  • Department of Dance and Theatre Pedagogy: Dance Pedagogy (MA), Theatre Pedagogy (MA)
  • Department of Lighting and Sound Design: Lighting and Sound Design (BA/MA)

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