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Timothy J. Corbett (June 10, 1858—July 20, 1939) was an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Bishop of Crookston from 1910 to 1938.


Timothy Corbett was born in Mendota, Minnesota, and raised in Minneapolis.[1] He was privately educated by Father James McGolrick, who sent him to study at the lower seminary of Meximieux in France in 1876.[1] In 1880 he enrolled at the Grand Seminary of Montreal in Canada, and completed his studies at St. John's Seminary in Brighton, Massachusetts.[1]

Corbett was ordained to the priesthood for the Archdiocese of St. Paul on June 12, 1886.[2] In 1889, he became rector of the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Duluth.[1] He also served as chancellor of the Diocese of Duluth.[3]

On April 9, 1910, Corbett was appointed the first Bishop of the newly erected Diocese of Crookston by Pope Pius X.[2] He received his episcopal consecration on the following May 19 from Archbishop John Ireland, with Bishops James McGolrick and James Trobec serving as co-consecrators.[2] During his 28-year tenure, he established over 50 churches and 12 schools through soliciting funds.[3]

On June 25, 1938, Corbett retired as Bishop of Crookston; he was appointed titular bishop of Vita by Pope Pius XI on the same date.[2] He died over a year later at age 81.


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