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Tony Lombardo (Born c. 1944-1945) was the bassist with the pioneering punk rock band Descendents between 1978 and 1985.[1] Lombardo was part of the original Descendents lineup with guitarist Frank Navetta and drummer Bill Stevenson.[1]

Early years with Descendents[edit]

This lineup's first release was the single Ride The Wild/It's A Hectic World in 1979.[2] Lombardo sang lead vocals on It's A Hectic World before the band added new lead vocalist Milo Aukerman in 1980, with which they became hardcore sensations.[1][2] The band put out their first release with Aukerman in 1981, the Fat EP.[1][2] The next year, the band put out their first full length release Milo Goes to College.[3]

Later years with Descendents[edit]

The Descendents went on hiatus in 1983 when Aukerman left for college, but reformed in 1985, releasing I Don't Want to Grow Up.[2][3] Lombardo recorded the album[3] but did not participate in the tour and left that year, replaced by ex-Anti bassist Doug Carrion.[4][5]

Music work after Descendents[edit]

Lombardo's reason for leaving Descendents was to work in his job in the US postal service and to form his own new band Nuclear Bob, later renamed Three Car Pileup, who released only one album.[citation needed] Lombardo then joined fellow ex-Descendents member Ray Cooper to join a band called Spiffy who released two 7" singles in 1996 before breaking up shortly afterwards. Lombardo is considered one of the band's best bassists, along with Karl Alvarez, and is highly critically acclaimed.[by whom?]

Additionally, Lombardo joined with members of ALL in 1991 to form the one-off band TonyALL and which issued the album "New Girl, Old Story." The album was generally traditional Descendents / ALL fare with fast, driving bass lines and generally melodic vocals.

In September 2014, Lombardo joined the Descendents for two shows during Riot Fest in Chicago, IL and in Denver, CO. The band played its debut album, Milo Goes to College, in its entirety.


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