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Les Rencontres Trans Musicales (generally referred as Les Transmusicales de Rennes) is a music festival which useally last for 3 or 4 days. It is held annually in December. The festival takes place in Rennes, Brittany, France. Since its first years, the festival has been renowned for revealing the "next big thing." It has become one of the most significant musical events in Europe, the festival attracted over 62, 000 people in 2013. It is also much appreciated by media more than 500 journalists to covered the event last year. NME, Independent[disambiguation needed], El Mundo[disambiguation needed]. Music industry professionals come from all continents.[citation needed]


Les Rencontres Trans Musicales often called TRANS was born in 1979 from the initiative of Béatrice Macé, Jean-Louis Brossard, Hervé Bordier(until 1996), Jean-René(until 1989) and other students into music. The association in deficit, decided to program a benefit concert. The first edition took place in la salle de la cité in June. 12 groupes played on two nights. The concert brought 1800 people. It is only on the second edition that the concert took place in December. Since it's origine Jean-Louis Brossard is in charge of the artistic and Beatrice Macé is in charge of the production and co-leads les Rencontres Trans Musicales. Right from the first editions, before the word ‘festival’ was attached to the event, the artistic bias of the line up was towards originality and the emergence of new artistic forms. The artists who come out of the festival usually hit the top charts fews months later. Bjork, Ben Harper, Lenny Kravitz played for the first time in rennes. It is also thought this festival that the audience discovered Etienne Daho, Arno, Stephan Eicher, Les Négresses Vertes, Bérurier Noir, Denez Prigent, Daft Punk, Amadou & Mariam, Birdy Nam Nam, Justice and many more.

In 2004, the festival moved to the Parc Expo still in rennes close to the airport. Some concerts are still programmed in the main town of Rennes. Since 1979, Trans has shown the will to capture the musical zeitgeist and to maintain with it a relation of curiosity and direct impregnation. The Trans exported it self to China, Norway, Czech Republic and Russia. On December the 8th 2010 l'Association des Trans Musicales launched a website which recounts the history of the festival. The Trans will be held on the 4 - 5 and 6 2014.


Edition 2013:

Wednesday 4th December

L'Ubu : Concert 8 to 10 years old with Moodoïd (France)

L'Ubu : Gilles Le Guen (France), Republik (France), Les Nus (France), Apochela (France), Juveniles Dj Set (France)

Aire Libre : Léonie Pernet (France), Benjamin Clementine (Uk)

Thursday 5th December

L'Ubu : Concert 8 to 10 years old with Oum Shatt (Germany)

Les Champs Libres : Conference-Concert du Jeu de L'Ouïe : L'autre dimension du concert : la scénographie - concert de Public Service Broadcasting (UK)

L'Etage : Marquees (France), Fat Supper (France), The Red Goes Black (France), Okay Monday (France)

Aire Libre : Léonie Pernet (France), Benjamin Clementine (Création,UK)

Parc des Expos : Hall 3 : Wilkimix + VJ 01zu (France), Moodoïd (France), Luke Jenner (USA), Bosco Delrey (Etats-Unis), Har Mar Superstar (USA)

Hall 4 : Big Buddha (France), Chic Gamine (Canada), London Grammar (UK), La Yegros (Argentina), Sixtine (France)

Green Room : Popa Zens (France), Surfing Leons (Belgium)

Friday 6th December

L'Ubu : Concert 8-10 years old with Tiloun (France, La Réunion)

Les Champs Libres : Conference-Concert du Jeu de L'Ouïe : The concept of transe in contemporary music- Concert of Dakhabrakha (Ukraine)

L'Etage : Disco Anti Napoleon (France), Expø (France), The Same Old Band (France), The Enchanted Wood (France)

Le Triangle : Käfig Brasil (France - Brézil)

Aire Libre : Léonie Pernet (France), Benjamin Clementine (Création,UK)

Parc des Expos : Hall 3 : Edith Presley (France), The Skins (USA), Mikhael Paskalev (Norway), Jacuzzi Boys (USA), Mozes & The Firstborn (Holland)

Hall 4 : DJ Prosper (France), Oum Shatt (Germany), Le Vasco (France), Meridian Brothers (Colombia), Melt Yourself Down (UK), Public Service Broadcasting (UK), Frikstailers (Argentina)

Hall 9 : Labelle (France, La Réunion), Nova Heart (China), Les Gordon (France), Stromae

Saturday 7th December

Les Champs Libres : Conference-Concert of Jeu de L'Ouïe : Disco ! - concert of Escort (USA)

L'Etage : The Travellers (France), Samba de la Muerte (France), Rhume (France), Dead (France)

Aire Libre : Léonie Pernet (France), Benjamin Clementine (Création,UK)

Le Triangle : Käfig Brasil (France - Brazil)

Parc des Expos : Hall 3 : Luz (France), Iva G. Moskovitch (UK), Daughn Gibson (USA), Superets (France), Kid Karate (Ireland), Velvet Two Stripes (Swiss)

Hall 4 : Kosmo Pilot (France), Tiloun (France, La Réunion), Dakhabrakha (Ukraine), Lonnie Holley (USA), Ibibio Sound Machine (UK), A Tribe Called Red (Canada), Gang Do Electro (Brazil), Acid Arab (France)

Hall 9 : Fakear (France), Tiger & Woods (Italy), The Midnight Beast (UK), Boston Bun (France), Joris Delacroix présente Boarding Pass (France), Konstantin Sibold (Germany), Julian Jeweil (France)

Green Room : Doist! (France), Kosme (France), Louisahhh! (USA), Charlie Kane (UK)

Sunday 8th December

L'Ubu : Jungle (Royaume-Uni), Fyfe (Royaume-Uni), Larry Gus (Greece), Golden Teacher (Scotland), Optimo (Scotland) Horse Meat Disco (UK), Escort (USA), Marcus Marr (Royaume-Uni), The Crystal Ark (USA)

Green Room : Dj Azaxx (France), Clyde P (France), Madame (France), Symbiz (Corée du Sud), Rouge Mécanique (France - Germany)

Striking artists:

The Trans Musicales made it clear from the first edition, in June 1979 and their philosophy never changed : - Remain as close as possible to the reality of musical life - Be on the wavelength of emergence points - Detect and promote artistic originality - Help fullfil all the necessary conditions for experimentation

The International Trans project[edit]

The international work has been going on since the end of the 1980s. Turned towards research and exploration of musical movements and where they originate, the programming puts us in touch with artists,labels, editors and agents on all continents. On the other hand, the Trans collaboration with foreign media and professionals is strong and continuous. Since the 2001 edition, the International Trans project consolidates and extends their work overseas, in partnership with Cultures France,governmental operator on all international actions. The principle of the project is: Conceived as a means to extend the collaboration with the artists beyond the time span of one edition the line-up included bands which have performed or are about to performed the Trans in Rennes, they are joined by local artists.

Previous actions[edit]

Expo 2002[edit]

The Trans Musicales team programed two evenings at the Cargo, in Neuchâtel, for the Expo.

Tans/Ubu/Bato Fou[edit]

In March 2003 two evenings and two residencies opposing Dj Morpheus vs. El Diabolo (Réunion) and Dj Buddha vs. Tamm Ha Tamm (Réunion).

Norway 2005[edit]

During the festival By-Larm, one evening in honour of Rennes and one improvised concert at the top of a glacier.


18 and 19 June 2005 at Chaoyang Park. A huge stage, 16 artists in front of 16 000 spectators for the first open air festival in the Chinese capital.


In 2010 concerts took place in Moscou. Hip-Hop, jazz and electronic music were the main events.

Trans on Tour[edit]

Co-produced by the association Trans Musicales, the Trans on Tour offers for the ninth year in a row, the opportunity for local bands to perform in the venues of the Great West. Kick starting the festival, the main aim of this tour is to escort artists towards more professionalism. The high point of this tour is a performance at the Trans Musicales for each participating band. It is all about confronting the soon to be artists with a different relation with time, using a stream of events requiring total immersion in a professional framework. Being on tour means many concert dates, and in this case, ending with a performance at a festival visited by professionals: this project is a life size rehearsal. The Trans on Tour, conceived first as an artistic aide to the local scene, offers a wide range of tools to the bands: interviews at the beginning and the end of the tour, working time on the stage of the Ubu (local stage in Rennes), a regular follow-up by a specialised team, a promotional video and a dedicated stand at the festival's Village. During this tour with its twenty bands - out of which eight on an accompaniment program – each concert is completed by the performance of an artist recommended by the hosting venue.

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