Tres Coronas

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Tres Coronas
Also known as 3 Coronas
Big 3C
Origin New York
Genres Hip-Hop
Gangsta rap
Years active 2001 - 2006
Labels Parcero Production
Machete Music
Associated acts Cormega, G.O.D Father Pt. III
Members Rocca
Past members Reychesta

Tres Coronas was a rap group, born in early 2001 in Queens, New York. Composed Colombian P.N.O, Rocca French and Dominican Reychesta, who was the founder of the group. His music addresses issues of everyday life.


Through the New York producer Spank, Reychesta know P.N.O, the latter then introduces Rocca.

The group begins with a common goal that unites the three members: crown the Rap in Spanish and enhance the Hip-Hop in Spanish, covering territories in Colombia, Costa Rica, United States, France, Venezuela and Spain.

In 2001 Reychesta aka Secret Weapon by singers Rocca aka Chief and P.N.O aka Guajiro, he founded the band Tres Coronas, throwing aa sale several albums, in 2001 "Mixtape", in 2003, "New York Mixtape" and the third "Nuestra Cosa" in 2005 as a CD with 15 tracks and in 2006 "Nuestra Cosa: Deluxe Edition (CD/DVD)" with 17 tracks in total, plus a DVD with 5 videos and a documentary about the group, including two new tracks, was the first studio album. Shortly thereafter, the founder of Tres Coronas, Reychesta, leave the group, the main reason was that Machete Music will pay $100,000 to the group's new album and Rocca with P.N.O was not given his share to Reychesta, another reason was it took two songs the first titled "Otro Día" where Reychesta was the last to sing this song with the collaboration of Negro Jetro, they brought the song "Vamos a Jugar" here Reychesta was starting the song, which sang with Kafu Banton these would be the only two songs played on the radio, the last reason was that Rocca and P.N.O (Production Parcero owners, artists and producers) wanted Reychesta artist signed only as Parcero production, thus with the solo album Reychesta also would make money after leaving the group, Reychesta continues her singing career as a soloist.

Tres Coronas be labeled in Spanish rap bringing something new to the genre, but the public is divided on one side remain between P.N.O & Rocca on the other side, Reychesta. No other group of Rap in Spanish managed to reach the level of Tres Coronas (Rocca, P.N.O & Reychesta).


In 2001, the Tres Coronas group creates its own Record Label called "Parcero Production", releasing several albums on sale first in 2001 called "Mixtape", the second in 2003 called "New York Mixtape", the third in 2005 called "Nuestra Cosa" and the last was in 2006 "Nuestra Cosa: Deluxe Edition (CD/DVD)", released by the label Machete Music.

Negotiations for the different distributions of the discs were Tres Coronas in Colombia by the label "5-27 Records" the group La Etnnia in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain by the label "2Good" in Spain by the label "3X2 Distribution" in the United States by seals "Fania Allstar" and "Machete Music Universal", the latter also did it to South America.


Studio albums

  • 2006: "Nuestra Cosa: Deluxe Edition (CD/DVD)" (Parcero Production/Machete Music)

Mixtapes albums

  • 2001: "Mixtape" (Parcero Production/5-27 Records)
  • 2003: "New York Mixtape" (Parcero Production)
  • 2005: "Nuestra Cosa" (Parcero Production)

Live albums

  • 2005: "La Etnnia & Tres Coronas" - "Stress, Dolor & Adrenalina (En Concierto)" (5-27 Records/Parcero Production)