Tres Coronas

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Tres Coronas
Also known as 3 Coronas, 3C, Big 3C
Origin New York City, Colombia, France
Genres Hip-Hop
Years active 2001 - present
Labels Parcero Production, Machete Music
Members Rocca, P.N.O

Tres Coronas are a rap group formed in New York City by two Colombian rappers Rocca & P.N.O. with Dominican rapper Reychesta "Secret Weapon". Created in 2001, the group released mixtapes in the United States, Colombia, France and Spain before founding their label Parcero Productions, with which they disseminated their work especially in Latin America. According to Allmusic, the band were "underground celebrities" before releasing their major label debut, Nuestra Cosa (2006) on Machete Music label.[1] The album was well received and subsequently re-released with a video DVD containing music videos and a documentary. It was also followed by an international tour.[1] Follow-up album Street Album (2007) was only released online.

Although retaining the name, Tres Coronas currently consists of two members, Rocca and P.N.O., as Reychesta departed due to personal differences.


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