Union Party (Faroe Islands)

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Union Party
Leader Kaj Leo Johannesen
Founded 1906
Ideology Conservative liberalism,[1]
(Nordic) Agrarianism,[1]
Faroese unionism[1]
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation None
European affiliation None
Colours Blue, white
9 / 33
(Faroe seats)
1 / 2
Politics of the Faroe Islands
Political parties

The Union Party (Faroese: Sambandsflokkurin, also translated Unionist Party) is a conservative-liberal and agrarian political party in the Faroe Islands. The party wants to maintain the Faroe Islands union with Denmark. In 2004 Kaj Leo Johannesen succeeded Lisbeth L. Petersen as party leader.

In the elections in 2008, the party won 21.0% of the popular vote and 7 out of 33 seats. After having been in the opposition for a short interval after the elections, the Union Party formed a new government in September 2008, and Kaj Leo Johannesen became prime minister.

In the Danish parliamentary elections of 2007, the party received 23.5% of the Faroese vote, thereby gaining one of the two Faroese seats in the Parliament of Denmark.

At the general elections in 2011 the party gained 24,7% of the votes and 8 seats out of 33. However, on 10 February 2014 the party gained one more seat in the Løgting, after Gerhard Lognberg who was elected to the parliament representing the Social Democratic Party, joined the Union Party.[2] This happened three months after Mr. Lognberg had been expelled from the Social Democratic Party due to some disagreements,[3] and this made the Union Party the biggest party of the Faroese parliament along with the People's Party, who also had 8 members elected at the general elections of 2011 but later gaines a new member, Janus Rein, who left Progress.[4]


Leaders of the Union Party:

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